Attention All Managers…are you Being a Good Employment Brand Steward?

Attention All Managers…Are You Being a Good “Employment Brand” Steward?


Well you’ve heard me say over and over again… A strong culture = a strong brand; A strong brand = attracts and retains a quality workforce; A quality workforce = a strong culture…

Employment Branding is as important internally as it is externally. The perception that your current employees have of your organization “as a place to work” is the strongest “employment branding” marketing tool you have. Your employment brand is the essence of your…


Viral Marketing ? Can it Effect your Employment Brand?

Viral Marketing – Can it Effect Your Employment Brand?

A Three Part Series – The good, the bad and the ugly

Part 1 – The “Good” The impact of a good product experience

Part 2 – The “Bad” The impact of Bad work Environments

Part 3 – The “Ugly” The impact of Lay-off’s, Restructures or Downsizing

Absolutely! Viral marketing refers to marketing techniques that use preexisting social networks to produce increases in brand awareness, through self-replicating viral processes. It can be word-of-mouth delivered…


Employment Branding: What is It? Why Do We Need It?

Employment Branding: What is it? Why do we need it?


In a recent study, 150 senior HR managers were questioned on what they perceived to be their biggest challenges going into 2008. Key findings: #1 Finding, Attracting and Hiring, #2 Retention, #3 Measurement and #4 Legal compliance.

In 2008 there will be an estimated 450 million job seekers worldwide using the Internet… There will be an estimated 50 million employers worldwide competing for the industries top talent…What’s your strategy to standout?

The answer…


show me a sample of a cover letter for employment?

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Who Else Wants to Make Great Money & Meet Tons of New People With a Cruise Ship Employment Job?

Cruise ship employment has seen a tremendous amount of growth over the last several years. It has enabled thousands of people to trade a forty hour work week for worldwide travel and life changing experiences.

Regardless of your nationality, experience, sex, or background, the cruise ship employment industry offers the average person the employment chance of a lifetime. Where else can you get paid tax free while visiting the Caribbean, or the Alaskan frontier?

However, it is imperative that you have an educated resource to answer your questions,…


Illinois Department Of Employment Services (IDES) – A One Stop Solution For Job Seekers

The Illinois state government has made it very easy for job seekers to find employment in the state of Illinois. The Illinois Department of Employment Services has launched its own website to provide online information. This is a government-operated website and features job listings for residents or future residents who are interested in the job opportunities available there. This site also caters to foreigners who are sponsored by companies in the state.

The Illinois Department of Employment Services also known as IDES provides information related to all aspects of employment…


What?s New With India?s Employment?

Employment in India is at an all-time high despite the dullness of the global market as a whole and the employment opportunities are expect to only grow from here with companies in the south creating a number of jobs.

The IT and ITES boom has not gone out of style, and are still growing steadily. They in fact, are the primary hirers right now. Other hot hirers are those with telecommunication jobs, healthcare jobs, etc. Those in the retail industry are relatively safe as well thanks to the many…


Employment Update for 2009

December 12, 2008


Dear Friends, Clients and Colleagues:

Each year brings a new set of laws, regulations and scams. The number of new statutes, ordinances, regulations and case law continue to grow and impose an ever greater burden on businesses, especially small businesses and professional practices. Below is a brief review of some of the more important new laws that may impact your business or profession.


You may have heard about E-Verify, the computerized system by which an employer can match an employee’s…


Job Search, Career Opportunities, Employment Search

There are over 50000 career webpages of employers in the United States and tens of thousands of job boards and … all » newspapers that publish job openings. Our mission is to put all of the quality job openings from every source on EmploymentCrossing. Our members find more job openings on our site than anywhere else and go to work more quickly in new jobs that (1) match their interests, (2) pay very well for their industries and markets, and (3) are geographically…


Flexibility in Employment Policy

Flexibility in Employment Policy

Rapidly changing environment organizations require flexible employment policies to meet the needs of their business, The process of flexible employment policies can be described as the design, development and mainte¬nance of a system of coordinated activities in which individuals and groups of people work cooperatively under leadership towards commonly understood and accepted goals, and these activities can be easily changed according to environmental changes.

The process of flexible employment policies involves the grand design or redesign of the structure, but most frequently…


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