Building a Tweet Content Strategy for Your Job Search (Twitter)

From www.J2BMarketing.com, a Job Seeker 2 Business ™ Internet Marketing Services Firm. This video provides tips for a Twitter- Tweet Content strategy for Job Seekers: what to write about, where to get ideas and how often to publish them. Keywords: Job Search, Twitter For Your Job Search, Online Branding
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Professional Resume Writing – How You Must Pick The Right Service!

What you should know first?

There are quite many professional resume service providers who could help you with planning your resumes well. When you plan to approach any professional resume services you need to ensure that certain pointers are taken care of. Quite many places, be it online or even otherwise would help you get in touch with professional resume services, however, you need to ascertain that you are going to have your resume done through the most professional one. So pick the skilled service which would deal with…


Easy Common Sense Tips For Writing Cover Letters

Of course it’s easy to write a cover letter. The only challenges are determining what to say and knowing how to say it, which, if you looked at it, are pretty much the reasons that make cover letters so tricky to write. But if you want to solve the mystery of the cover letter and want to be able to approach it more easily, here are some ways with which to effectively do it:

Know why you need a cover letter
All employers expect that you include a cover…


7 Top Tips For Keeping Your Job In A Recession

When the whole world, let alone the whole country, is talking about a recession, it is hard not to get panicky about your own job.  This is not the time to sit back and worry about your fate, however.  It is the time to be proactive.  Here are some tips on how to move your name lower down the layoff list, and if you know of any others, drop me a note to share them.

1.    Stay cheerful and positive

A study carried out by the Harvard Business Review…


The Importance Of Direction In A Job Search

For those who have experienced unemployment for what seems an eternity they will understand how disheartening it can be when you are involved in a job search. Seemingly as an unemployed worker you spend hours and hours every day trawling through the job websites with no luck. While many who are unemployed have a clear idea of what they want to do the vast majority do not. This is the worst situation to be in, while you are heavily involved in your search, you do not have specific idea…


How to Get a Job : Fashion Resume Writing

A fashion, or fashion design, resume should demonstrate what the applicant has done in the field of fashion based on their accomplishments in this field. Write a professional and error-free fashion resume with current contact information at the top of the page by usingthese tips from a career adviser in this free video on job guidance. Expert: Pat Goodwin Contact: www.PatGoodwinAssociates.com Bio: Pat Goodwin is an executive coach, trainer and career development professional. Goodwin is the …
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How to Build Your Brand in Social Media For Job Search – Social Media Tip #5

How do you go beyond LinkedIn so a recruiter will find you and also the valuable things you have to say about your BRAND…How you can use Google Alerts and search for your name on a daily basis, to add value, pick up your rankings to make job recruiters say ‘WOW.”
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Now You Can Learn How To Make A Cover Letter That Shines

Nowadays, finding a job is a lot similar to selling. People need to sell themselves to earn the appropriate attention they need from their future employers. With so many people applying for a job, the selection process usually become tedious and stressful that employers need to see eye-catching resumes and cover letters.

Generally, job applicants need resume in order to sell their good points. However, even if your qualifications look good, so does the other job applicants. Hence, it can be quite a work to really identify the person…


Greg’s Video Resume

Video Resume … Video Resume Job Program
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To 5 Job Search Success Strategies

Overall there are 14 job search strategies that one can adopt when looking for a new job. The strategy that most job searchers use and easily get bogged down by is online job search sites. Unfortunately this is only successful for 4% of the users. You read that correctly – online job searching is only successful 4% of the time.

In order to increase your job search success you need to adopt more than 1, but not more than 4, job search success strategies. Statistics show that individuals focusing…


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