Job Search : How to Write a CV for Part-Time Work

When writing a CV for part-time work, only a few things need to be changed from a standard resume, including job objectives and skills. Learn how to use quantitative statements in a CV, or resume, with help from a career counseling specialist in this free video on job searches and resumes. Expert: Steve Baiter Bio: Stephen Baiter, along with other career counseling specialists, helps to connect people with employment and job training opportunities at the EASTBAY Works One-Stop Career Center …
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How to Choose an Online Resume Writing Service

Believe it or not, you may not be the best person to write your resume. Sure, you know your background and experience better than anyone, but translating that information into a successful resume that nets you an interview isn’t an easy task. Think about what you’re good at: graphic design, managing people, selling real estate, etc. Do any of your professional strengths have anything to do with composing a stellar resume? Probably not.

Resumes are about more than simply listing your past jobs and responsibilities. Ferreting out your distinctive…


7 Elements Of A Highly Effective Cover Letter

Part of solving the cover letter mystery is understanding the purpose of the cover letter. Its purpose is to land you a job interview. By placing all of your efforts into the perfect resume and then throwing together a plain old cover letter you are sabotaging your resume by landing it into the trash can. Prospective employers pay close attention to how a cover letter is put together. If the cover letter does not grab their attention then they are not going to even mess with looking at your…


Physician Jobs Nationwide – Guide From Physician Depot

Because health is the most valued treasure of a human being, modern medicine has developed different specialties for the treatment of specific diseases or the appropriate guidance for a healthy lifestyle.

While residents continue too increase their awareness of the necessity to cover the diverse areas of the medical knowledge, the problem arises for the gradating resident who faces the daunting task of locating and evaluating the exact professional environment for their needs along with finishing their residency program at the same time.

At Physician…


Quick Tips To Get Started Using Twitter For Your Job Search

Do you Tweet? If not, maybe you should.

Perhaps it would be misleading to say that as a job searcher you MUST be on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or other social and business networking sites. But, assuming that you use social media in appropriate and professional ways, being connected and networking in these ways can only help. And, few people would argue that you shouldn’t seize on any edge that you can give yourself in a job market that is widely being called the most competitive in a quarter-century.



Career help for MSc Risk Management

MSc Risk Management students speak about the help they recieved from the Imperial College Business School Career Development Team
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techlife: Resume writing and interviews

Clayton Davis, NAIT HR Consultant gives advice on resume writing and interview skills.
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“Job Search Secrets: Help Wanted” – Fox News Chicago (4/5/06)

www.JobBound.com Fox News in the Morning Chicago goes one-on-one with with Brad Karsh, President and founder of JobBound.com, discussing insiders tips on the dos and dont’s of job hunting. JobBound taps into the experience of Brad Karsh, a nationally recognized recruiting expert. One of the qualities that sets JobBound apart is the fact that all of our resume writers are former Recruiting Directors. Resume and interviewing advice is plentiful, but nowhere else will you gain the perspective …
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How to Build a Resume: Free Resume Writing Software

When you are ready to create your resume you don’t need to purchase fancy software or hire an expensive resume service. Instead you can use free resume writing software. You can find free resume writing software online. There are many to choose from. Most will give you the same professional-looking results that you get through resume services.

So, how to build a resume? There are some things to look for when choosing free resume writing software. To start with, choose software that is easy to load and is…


How to Write a Cover Letter to Land Your Dream Job

When it comes to job hunting, your cover letter may well spell the difference between clinching that job or being rejected.

Just like making sure that your curriculum vitae is impressive enough for you to get that dream job, knowing how to write a cover letter is an asset you cannot leave off your job hunting arsenal. Its purpose is to wow your prospective employers.

Being on a job hunt and knowing how to write a cover letter are inseparable. Thus, you have to possess “cover…


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