Quick Tips To Get Started Using Twitter For Your Job Search

Do you Tweet? If not, maybe you should.

Perhaps it would be misleading to say that as a job searcher you MUST be on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or other social and business networking sites. But, assuming that you use social media in appropriate and professional ways, being connected and networking in these ways can only help. And, few people would argue that you shouldn’t seize on any edge that you can give yourself in a job market that is widely being called the most competitive in a quarter-century.



Career help for MSc Risk Management

MSc Risk Management students speak about the help they recieved from the Imperial College Business School Career Development Team
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techlife: Resume writing and interviews

Clayton Davis, NAIT HR Consultant gives advice on resume writing and interview skills.
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“Job Search Secrets: Help Wanted” – Fox News Chicago (4/5/06)

www.JobBound.com Fox News in the Morning Chicago goes one-on-one with with Brad Karsh, President and founder of JobBound.com, discussing insiders tips on the dos and dont’s of job hunting. JobBound taps into the experience of Brad Karsh, a nationally recognized recruiting expert. One of the qualities that sets JobBound apart is the fact that all of our resume writers are former Recruiting Directors. Resume and interviewing advice is plentiful, but nowhere else will you gain the perspective …
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How to Build a Resume: Free Resume Writing Software

When you are ready to create your resume you don’t need to purchase fancy software or hire an expensive resume service. Instead you can use free resume writing software. You can find free resume writing software online. There are many to choose from. Most will give you the same professional-looking results that you get through resume services.

So, how to build a resume? There are some things to look for when choosing free resume writing software. To start with, choose software that is easy to load and is…


How to Write a Cover Letter to Land Your Dream Job

When it comes to job hunting, your cover letter may well spell the difference between clinching that job or being rejected.

Just like making sure that your curriculum vitae is impressive enough for you to get that dream job, knowing how to write a cover letter is an asset you cannot leave off your job hunting arsenal. Its purpose is to wow your prospective employers.

Being on a job hunt and knowing how to write a cover letter are inseparable. Thus, you have to possess “cover…


Electronic Job Fairs Help to Catalyze Your Career

If you’re like me, you’ve been reading the news over the past months about the economic slowdown and how college grades are facing lower salaries and tighter job markets. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more students are heading to college than ever before. The number of college graduates is rising and that means fiercer competition in a tougher labor market. If you want a great job in your field with a good starting salary, you better work at it smarter than everyone else. One of the…


Your Job Search Competitors . . . This Could Get Ugly!

OK. We live in a highly competitive society. But when it comes to job search competitors things can get downright nasty.

Unfortunately, we don’t recognize the problem because we’re rarely required to meet face-to-face with the person who’s in competition for the job we’re dying to have. Your prospective employer is not going to hand you a list of candidates you have to beat out for the job.

As a result we get complacent. Out of sight, out of mind, we think. So we’re not prepared sharply enough to…


Jimmy Sweeney Cover Letters Resume Writing Software

CLICK resumewritingsoftware.blogspot.com In Just 10 Minutes Flat, You Can Quickly And Easily Crank Out An Amazing Resume www.squidoo.com resumewritingsoftware.wordpress.com resumewritingsoftware.blogspot.com Jimmy Sweeney has helped 19946 job-seekers (at last count) in over 25 countries,…
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Self Recruiter John Crant at (NYPL) The New York Public Library’s JOB SEARCH CENTRAL

Preview of The Self-Recruiter® Organizing and Managing Your Job Search Lecture at The New York Public Library’s JOB SEARCH CENTRAL (at the NYPL’s Science, Business & Industry Library located at 188 Madison Avenue at 34th Street in New York City). This PREVIEW shows you a little of what you can learn from John Crant of SelfRecruiter.com. In this special lecture format, youll learn to look at your job search from a different angle one that shows you to a new way to look…


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