Using Employment Agencies – Providing Manpower As Permanent And Temporary Solutions

Today there are a lot of job preferences that companies give for them to select a perfect match for their company. It has created the development of categories made by employment agencies. The purpose of employment agencies is not just to give manpower to those companies searching for permanent employees but for temporary positions as well. They also ensure that the company will get a person that matches the preference they wanted. These employers dictate their criteria on what they are looking for in a potential employee. They can…


Four Steps, Four Days To Marketing Yourself As A Consultant

Today’s economy has turned a lot of valuable employees into consultants. You have oodles of specific knowledge, you know there are companies that can use it, and you want to launch your own consulting business. Trouble is, you are an engineer, an operations manager, an financial analyst, a technical writer … not a marketer.

By now you’ve figured out that marketing yourself as a consultant requires specific action – it’s definitely not a case of, “If you build it, they will come.” Never fear, I have some ideas to…


Job Search – Use a System to Deliver Rapid Success

Most people approach searching for a new job in an ad hoc manner and consequently the results they achieve are hit and miss. Searching for the right job and ensuring that you are successful in acquiring it requires a systematic approach that gives you a better than even chance of winning.

Once you have identified a job that you are interested in there are a dozen questions that you must be able to answer before you consider writing your Resume/CV, job application and cover letter. They all revolve around…


5 Steps to Using LinkedIn for a Successful Job Search

There is no doubt that LinkedIn is widely used in the business community as a type of “online resume.”  Anyone that has conducted a successful LinkedIn job search can tell you, it’s so much more than that. It’s a powerful tool to reach out to your industry in a new and credible way.  Follow these steps and  you’ll be one step closer to making strong connections to employers and industry recruiters on LinkedIn.

Step 1
Complete Your Profile

Your profile is like your online resume, only better, because people can…


I am looking for fax cover letter examples for my faxing needs.Are there sample forms on the internet?


The Critical Path to a Killer Resume – Taster

Tips on how to create a killer resume. One that gets read and acted on. To download the entire training please go to www.MyCriticalPath.com/shop/
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How to work a trade show–Career Tips

www.phcconsulting.com Another video by the medical sales recruiter to help you “work a trade show” to improve your job, career, or life. Get hired now using tips and techniques that Peggy describes to put your best foot forward in the interview process. job-search-success-secrets.com
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The 30-Second Rule for Interviewing!

The 30 Second Rule of Interviewing!

When you are searching for a job, the #1 thing on your mind is getting that interview. You have probably taken several steps to roducing your resume, coverletter, and online applications, to make sure you make the rankings. But when you are creating these document, and visiting the online applications, you have to keep a summary of all that you have accomplished. There is 1 min question that an interviewer ask you. That question is, “Tell me a little about yourself.” This…


Get Your Dream Job – Best Resume Writing Tips

Resume is a very efficient tool in your job searching campaign, in which it serves as the salesman to promote your skills and experiences to your potential employer. The main problem and the only question that everyone tends to ask is, how to come up with a perfect resume. What shall you put into your resume to convince the HR manager that adding you in their company will be a wise move? Job searching is actually quite alike with marketing campaign, which your resume act as an advertisement on


Job Search Tips in Recession

These are tough times for job market and the global economic slowdown is eating up thousands of jobs each week leaving many jobless. Some industries like IT, manufacturing, real estate, financial services etc have been specially hit. Companies are cutting jobs and reorganizing their workforce to control costs. Those companies that are not laying off have either frozen new inductions or pay hikes. Hence, there is very less new job creation in most of the industries that goes for both – READ MORE

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