Job Search Tips in Recession

These are tough times for job market and the global economic slowdown is eating up thousands of jobs each week leaving many jobless. Some industries like IT, manufacturing, real estate, financial services etc have been specially hit. Companies are cutting jobs and reorganizing their workforce to control costs. Those companies that are not laying off have either frozen new inductions or pay hikes. Hence, there is very less new job creation in most of the industries that goes for both – jobs in India and abroad. This is an especially tough time for freshers looking for jobs. However, it is not like there are no new jobs up for grabs. Companies are hiring on need basis though they may not be advertising job vacancies to cut costs.

So, how does one land a job during recession? Many employees are staying put at their jobs, no matter how bad or unsatisfactory it is. While some other smart jobseekers are exploring smart job search ways to get job offers even in this tough time.  Job search has become tougher than ever right now but it is not impossible to find a job. For those who have been laid off, or those who are fresh out of college and looking for a job, there is still glimmer of hope. Jobs are not as easy to come by but that does not mean that there are no jobs at all. Now, more than ever, there is more competition per job so it will pay to be smarter in job search.

Firstly, keep disappointment at bay. You are not the only one out there on whom bad times have befallen. There are thousands there with similar fate. Young jobseekers too need not get too cynical about the job market. Negative thoughts are natural but they will only end up harming you. So, keep giving yourself motivation and encouragement that this is just a temporary phase. It will surely pass. All you need to do is keep your confidence and positivism intact. It is these things that will help you sail through. Don’t let insecurity bog you down.

If you are out of job currently, your first aim should be getting a job and keep getting a steady pay Cheque. You must explore new sectors and jobs. This just might be the turning point in your career. Be open in your attitude and try to get any decent job. Remember, it would any day be better than sitting idle. Do something that interests you or look at pursuing any of your hobbies as a career. It will only add value to your resume and help you market yourself better when the job market opens up. And when you get an interview call, prepare well for it in advance. There would definitely be fierce competition so you have to make sure that you convert an interview call into a job offer.

If you are currently working but your company has started pruning its workforce, may be it’s time for you to rethink your career strategy. You never know when the axe will fall on you too. Firstly, start doing adequate savings. There is nothing better than a monetary cushion when you are out of work. It will give you the required time and confidence to look for a new job. Don’t waste money and ask your family to save too. Network more than ever and be mindful of job opportunities in any company. Basically, don’t be caught unaware and unprepared if you are laid off. Planning your career this way will help you in long run and make your job search easier too.

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