Get Your Dream Job – Best Resume Writing Tips

Resume is a very efficient tool in your job searching campaign, in which it serves as the salesman to promote your skills and experiences to your potential employer. The main problem and the only question that everyone tends to ask is, how to come up with a perfect resume. What shall you put into your resume to convince the HR manager that adding you in their company will be a wise move? Job searching is actually quite alike with marketing campaign, which your resume act as an advertisement on yourself to stand out among the crowd of similarity competent, job seekers like you.

You must remember the function of your resume: not meant to get you your dream job, not yet, but is to get you to step into the interview room, which would open the chance of you getting the job offer. In a nut shell, you resume must be able to attract HR manager attention and thinks that you might be the one they are finding and hence invite you for an interview.

Below are a few guides to construct an eye catching resume that gets you into the interview door.

1) Gather all your skills and experience: Before constructing your resume, first you should begin by listing out all your skills and experiences- work history, academic background, certificates received, seminar attended, accomplishments etc. Do not worry about organizing them into your resume yet at this point, but just make sure that you didn’t leave out any major and relevant experiences/skills in your resume.

2) Name and Contact details are clear: Please make sure that your name and your contact details are very clear and easy to spot for readers. If possible, include all your contact details (e.g. home numbers, postal address, email address, mobile numbers, fax numbers etc.) and put it at the top part of every page in your resume. This is to make sure that your potential employer can contact you by any means he prefers, by phone, email or postal mail. Please do make sure that the contact number you provide is reachable to you, as most HR will only call once or twice to contact you for an interview, and please do return call if you have received any miss call to avoid wasting of chances.

3) Provide a brief summary of all major skills and experiences: As nowadays, for every job post HR is receiving tons of email and postal application resumes. To make their selection process simple, please make sure that they are able to know all your skills and experiences in a very short time. If they think that you might be the one they are looking for, they will continue reading your resume. For those resume that are very long and not straight forward, they might just ignore as they have lots of other choices.

Please to keep in mind that your resume is the only path to get a job interview and hence to get your dream job, please do pay effort in writing an attracting and interesting resume to catch the eye of your potential employer. For more information on how to write a perfect resume, please visit my website on the correct way of writing resume.

I am Javier Hiltz, an HR Consulting in Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA). Your resume is your first and maybe only chance to make a good impression on your potential new employer. Please do read all my lens for information on how to write a perfect resume which 100% will attract employers to read.

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