What happens to my Unemployment benefits when I start an unpaid training for a job?

Living in Missouri, what happens to my Missouri Unemployment benefits when I start training for a job that I have NOT officially been given that job.


If you get laid off from a job and collect unemployment, can you move to another state and still collect?

I work and live in California at a large well known insurance group, and word has it I may get laid off. I will be able to collect unemployment but was thinking of moving to Las Vegas where its cheaper to live. I can cut my rent more than half and probably wont need to find a job right away if Im collecting unemployment and my husbands job will be an easy transfer


if you cancel a job interview, do they report it to the unemployment office?

im on unemployment and i have a job interview tomorrow, basicly some things happend and it is inpossible for me to get there. but im worried about losing my unemployment. if i call them and cancel do you think ill be ok?


Do i still qualify for unemployment if I was terminated from my job?

I was terminated from my job of 2 years, due to lack of performance. I am curious if i still qualify to apply for unemployment or not? I live in MD. PLease help!


If I take a small hourly job, can I still collect unemployment in Texas?

I was recently laid off in Texas. I did not apply for unemployment benefits at first, but I am ready to now. However, I am doing a small coaching job that pays less than half the hourly wage I was making at my full time job. Can I still collect unemployment? Is it more profitable to quit the coaching job so that I can collect unemployment?


Can I get unemployment for wrongful termination of on-call job?

I was fired for being late at my on-call job. I wasn’t given a written warning, and my boss didn’t even offer to pay me out that day (which is supposed to happen if you’re fired). There are people at my job that have been late 6+ times and are still working, and I was fired without warning for being late one day.

What are my rights? Can I file for unemployment? I am going to speak to the HR Manager tomorrow about this.


Can you get unemployment if you quit a job for health reasons?

I was off of work on disability from this employer, and I had to quit because of health reasons, can I get unemployment benefits?
My doctor has determined that my health issues are directly related to this job, I went through fmla and disability first.


Can a person receive unemployment benefits if they have a work at home job?

Situation: Worked full-time (40 hrs w/benefits) for a consulting company,but recently laid off, and working part time as a independent contractor(work at home – very part time <10hrs) and Real Estate agent(only 1 sale this year), and currently as a PRN substitute teacher(very part-time – 0 hours this year). Would I receive unemployment benefits? I need a full time job and advise!!


Can you claim unemployment while working a part time job?

I currently have two jobs (one full time and one part time). My full time job may lay me off soon and I was wondering if I can claim unemployment if I kept my part time still. I only work 16 hours a week.


Would you go on unemployment if you lost your job?

I lost my job but most of my friends and relatives have told me that I should not apply for unemployment insurance because it is demeaning to have to go to the unemployment office and wait in line with all the other losers and have to explain to a bored clerk why I was fired. It seems like I am on welfare, not a professional person like I am. But the money would come in handy while I wait for a new job.

How about you, have you ever…


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