Would you go on unemployment if you lost your job?

I lost my job but most of my friends and relatives have told me that I should not apply for unemployment insurance because it is demeaning to have to go to the unemployment office and wait in line with all the other losers and have to explain to a bored clerk why I was fired. It seems like I am on welfare, not a professional person like I am. But the money would come in handy while I wait for a new job.

How about you, have you ever collected unemployment insurance and if not, would you bother to apply if you were laid off or fired?

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18 Responses to “Would you go on unemployment if you lost your job?”

  1. LadyAuthor says:

    I have collected unemployment insurance and was happy to do so. Employers and states pay that out just for that purpose.

    As for the stigma attached to it; most of it (in my state anyway) is handled over the phone; I have no idea where people stand in line at an office like that anymore.

    Tell your relatives to back off and I hope you are able to collect (unless you quit or were fired for gross misconduct)

  2. wearecara says:

    Yes I would. The clerks have to make you feel like s**t because alot of people try to cheat the system and steal money. You are not a loser because you need unemployment. They are strict making sure that you are trying to find a job and making sure you really do not have a job.

  3. Nick says:

    Sounds like the people in your family care more about appearances then what’s good for you. Going to unemployment doesn’t make -anyone- a loser. Living off it for a long time without looking for another job, that is a different story. But even then it depends on why they can’t get a job. Still doesn’t make them a loser. People who make stereotypes about others they don’t know/understand. Those people are losers. Go collect your unemployment insurance until you land another job. Your taxes pay for it. You have every right to collect it.

  4. TaxGurl says:

    If you were fired for cause, you are probably not eligible for benefits.

    If you were laid off, I guess it would depend on how easily you could find another job. I had a situation where my entire store was laid off. Personally, I couldn’t stand the idea of not working but some of my coworkers wanted to take a little time off and collect a check. If it is going to take you a while to get a new job, take the unemployment check…..that is why it is there…..to help you while you are between jobs.

    Basically, is it more demeaning to have to go talk to a clerk who has heard it all before or not be able to pay your bills? Are your friends and relatives going to pay them for you?

  5. virgomummy says:

    don’t feel embarrassed about being in the unemployment line, the system is designed for people like you who have lost thier job, and need some money to get by while they are looking for another job.

    if u are really worried about what people will say about u, then try and keep it quiet, dont tell your friends and family that u are getting it.

    dont worry about it – honestly thats why you pay taxes, u should expect this type of support from your government, who cares what other ppl say. At least you are looking for a job, your not one of those dead beat people who decide stay on welfare payments forever.

    losing your job must be pretty tough, i wish you all the best in finding a new job and with ur life in general.

    happy new year! :)

  6. Sher says:

    You put all that money into it in taxes, and now it’s there to back you up. Don’t worry about the stigma attached to it. It is crappy to have to stand there and explain to some asshole who couldnt’ care less why you lost your job, but just remember that your tax dollars pay for that asshole to sit there.

    If I didn’t really need the money, I wouldn’t bother, but hey, who Doesn’t need the money? Go for it.

  7. mick says:

    why not you pay for it and a lot of other thing everyday that are no use to you and yes I have collected unemployment I lost a job of 23 years and collected every bet that was owed to me the vacation was nice but there is a penalty for being fired check it out and its not demeaning getting welfare and food stamps that you don’t need that we pay for is demeaning just had to add if your Friends and relatives lost there job it wouldn’t be long before they were there and I didn’t stand in line you do it on the phone now and have to go in once a month and get on a computer

  8. RICK J says:

    I don’t know your friends and relatives, but I can tell you this, they are full of it!!!! Go spend an hour on line and file your claim. Remember to bring your bank acct # and routing # for automatic deposit! Then, every week that you haven’t worked, you’ll get paid for and you can file online and they won’t even know! PS. you paid for it (the insurance, and so did your employer) why leave it on the table?

  9. L.G. says:

    Definitely register ASAP. You’ve paid taxes for this benefit. You should have registered the day you were terminated since in most states there’s a 2-week wait before benefits begin.

    You’ll be expected to keep a diary of your attempts at finding a new job and to keep any interviews the unemployment office sets up for you.

    You do NOT have to accept a job that pays less than you have been paid or that is not suited to your abilities.

    If your employer challenges your request for unemployment pay, you still are entitled to receive a certain amount after a waiting period but may have to file a rebuttal to any such challenge.

    Your unemployment pay should be about 2/3 of what your pay was. If you can find part-time work while you’re looking for a new full-tmie job, you report your income from the part-time job; that amount is subtracted from your weekly unemployment pay BUT then $30 is added to the resulting figure, so you still get more money than if you were not working at all.

  10. David says:

    dude.. if you are entitled for it.. then that means that you paid taxes on it in the past.. so go ahead and get some back.

  11. Haseo says:

    Will these people who say it’s demeaning will bring you food or pay for the bills? Is collecting these benefits one of your rights as a taxpayer? Are you doing anything immoral or illegal?

    It would only be demeaning if you are begging or doing something immoral or illegal. So go and collect what is due to you. besides it’s YOUR money in the first place, they are just returning it to you. ^_^

  12. HandyMan says:

    Of course you should. Your employer has been paying into unemployment insurance for just that very reason. If you are looking for a new job in earnest, there is no stigma which can be laid at your door for doing this. Are your friends and relatives willing to support you while you are looking for a new job? If not, then take the unemployment money…it is not wellfare since it is your hard work that paid for it in the first place!

  13. ricks says:

    Will you be demeaned when they come & repo your car for non payment? Will you be demeaned when they kick you out of your home? Will you be demeaned when your are eating the last can of tuna fish out of the can?

    Did you feel demeaned when they were withholding unemployment insurance from you r check all this time? Are your relatives going to pay all of your bills so they can hide their shame of your not working? What business is it of theirs unless they are doing something about it?

    Most places dont have unemployment lines anymore. They are done on an automated phone system.

    I would have no problem doing it again.

  14. newjerseyguy says:

    Thats why unemployment insurance exists. You pay taxes to support it when you are working, so use it when you need it.

  15. Gazelle Intense says:

    it is a bit demeaning…. I felt like an alcoholic or druggie asking for a drink or dope.

    look at it this way… it is NOT the government giving out their money, the money is mine. yours. ours… It’s our money… if you’ve been paying taxes any amount of time, it’s your money they are giving out.

    I hope to NEVER do it again. God willing.

    if you need to do it short term it’s fine. a month or two. but don’t do what most people do, sit around milking it and not job hunting.

    it don’t pay much…. so it’s not a long term game plan.

    find work… asap. fast.

  16. mopar says:

    Yes you should. You need to be sure you don’t end up on the street. So you have to prove you are looking for a job. You will be looking anyway, right? And they have a lot of resources to help you look. You can also use your own, you just have to be looking. I don’t know what industry you are in, but it can take along time to find a job sometimes. Good luck, and use whatever means you need to to get by. That’s what our government resources are there for.

  17. Doctor Deth says:

    it beats starving to death. Your employer pays a lot of money into the unemployment system – you’d be stupid to not use the benefit. most of it is handled online anymore – in Penna, you do it all online – no one would “see you” standing in line. I’m a college educated white collar professional and I’ve been unemployed several times during my career – usually due to business downsizings. if you were fired for insubordination though, you probably won’t be eligible for benefits

  18. Amber says:

    Not sure about your state but in the state I live you can file for unemployment via the internet. You won’t have to stand in any lines. You can file for your check once a week as well.