As for a job/career…What is this suitable for?

What type of work/job would this description fit?

Typing approx. 40 WPM
Basic knowledge of MS Word & Outlook Express
Basic knowledge of MS Picture It! 2000
Organized, neat, quick and hard working, friendly but not very outgoing and not good with phones.
1.5 years sales/shipment experience, 6 months light reception work.
No college course work completed, just highschool.

These are skills, not of me but a friend. Really. So in your opinion what type of work would she be good at? She’s 21, not your dropdead gorgeous girl, more down to earth. I say that because a lot of companies are more apt to hire a pretty girl with little experience versus a “plain Jane” with experience. Also it doesn’t have to be office work, although it looks more tailored to it, anything companies would look for. No critical comments, please…I’m trying to help out a friend.

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3 Responses to “As for a job/career…What is this suitable for?”

  1. JesseAileen says:


    Good pay and a lot of places will hire you without experience and pay for your licensing, etc.

  2. Truth123 says:

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  3. cheri says:

    Your friend has potential but needs to make the best of her abilities. She should invest in a good interview outfit (nothing sexy) and a haircut if she needs one. After she looks her best, she should apply at various entry level jobs and also try temp to perm agencies. They can test her and train her in high demand areas. In the meantime, she should be writing a resume that really outlines her skills and attributes and will interest a recruiter. Maybe you can help her with her preparations. As to potential jobs, office work seems the most suitable for her at this time, although she may need to improve her computer skills. People skills are invaluable to companies so that is something she should work on as well. If she has decent people skills, she can try a medical office. Even if she isn’t drop dead gorgeous, she can get a great job with a little effort. You’re a caring friend. Good luck to you and your friend!