The paper resume is dead! Are you being competitive enough?

Excerpt from “Job Interviews – Americas New Prostitution”

After much thought, I decided to write the first chapter about multimedia resumes. The main reason for this is that creating multimedia resumes is what I do. It is my business and it is how I support my family. Throughout this book you will often hear me refer to the paper resume as being dead in this economy and as luck would have it, I have quite a bit of data to support my case. Let’s face it. Right now you are still sending out a nice paper resume with your job qualifications and experience on it right? Let me explain why this is an outdated method of showcasing your qualifications and in fact is virtually a waste of time.

Let’s use car dealers as an example. Do car dealers simply send you a plain white letter with all of the benefits of their automobile written out? No, they do not. They spend 100′s of thousands of dollars getting your attention with flashy commercials and fancy full color advertisements. What is it that they are trying to sell you really? They are selling an interview. They are selling an interview. Let me say it again. They are selling an interview. Their main goal is nothing more than getting you to sit with them so that they can explain the benefits of their automobile and to try and up sell you into another vehicle that cost more money with more fancy features etc. Do you see the connection? Advertisers are selling the interview, just the same way you should be selling yourself through the use of a multimedia video resume.

Paper resumes are boring and they don’t really say much about you or why you should be considered for a job. They don’t tell the employer anything exciting about you. They list your boring details and your previous experience. Guess what, you are not the only person who is qualified to do the job you are applying for! There are thousands of people with the exact same resume, all competing for the same job.

You have to set yourself apart from everyone else by offering something more, something creative and exciting. Vault.com conducted a study of employers and asked them what they thought about a multimedia video resume. The results are astounding!

89% of the employers surveyed said that they would be open to receiving multimedia video resumes. 52% said that they would welcome something as fresh and new as a multimedia video resume because it would allow them to see a persons demeanor and the manner in which they presented themselves.

This is huge and I hope you are starting to see the benefit of showcasing your talents and selling yourself to get the interview. Only 17% of employers had even heard of a multimedia video resume. What this means is that you will be able to stand out in a sea of lifeless, paper resumes. You will be the new hot item, the new fancy state of the art applicant. This is how you get interviews, by standing out in a sea of resumes.

A multimedia video resume is a living, breathing tool that tells the story of who you are, what your voice sounds like, how you present yourself to others, your professional appearance, do you see how important this type of tool is?

OK, so here is the deal. Youtube is not the place to throw up a video of yourself in the hopes that an employer will go there to see you talk about yourself. Fobingo.com is! Fobingo offers a professional written resume that is presented to a prospective employer on your behalf. Embedded in this resume is your multimedia pre-interview video. You have a few options to promote yourself to the employer:

1.  Use our Fobingo postcard program to alert employers that your multimedia resume is available for viewing.

2.   Add the link to your Fobingo resume into the top of your paper resume and send, email or fax it to all of the jobs you are interested in.

3.  Ask Fobingo to mail your Fobingo postcards to potential employers in your geographic area.

4.  Hand deliver your Fobingo postcards to companies that you would be interested in working for.

The main point here is that you must be aggressive and do everything that you can do to get noticed and to get an interview. Ask yourself this question, “Is what you are doing right now working?” If not, “Would I benefit from being proactive and getting the word out about my qualifications to employers in my area?” And if so, “Will having a multimedia resume peak the curiosity of people I send it to?” And finally, will all of this added coverage and viewing of my multimedia resume help to showcase my talents, get me noticed and result in more interviews?” The answer is yes!

The process is simple at Fobingo.com and starts with a phone call. When you call our office, we will walk you through the entire process of having a multimedia resume created for you. We will do everything for you to present your story in a compelling manner and best of all, our multimedia resumes start at $99 for everything including are colorful postcards. You cannot afford to pass this opportunity up. You can’t afford to be out of work another 6 months.

M. Steven Moore is the CEO & Founder of the nations largest multimedia resume company, Fobingo.com. Through the use of modern technology and extremely proactive marketing products, Fobingo.com virtually guarantees that employers will take notice of your qualifications and experience. Fobingo.com can be reached at 1-800-261-3297 and can be found online at http://www.fobingo.com

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