With the boss constantly breathing down your neck and the in-tray filling up at a constant rate it makes sense to look at ways of working smarter instead of harder. Life is becoming more rushed and stressed every day and it is important to find ways of maximising your time at the office. No one wants to spend 12 hour days at work, especially when you could get things done during normal working hours. Fortunately there are some simple guidelines that will help you become more efficient.

1. Make a list

Making a list of tasks every day will help you stay focused and ensure that the important stuff gets done. It is a reward in itself to cross items off the list as they are completed. It allows you to keep track of your progress and improves productivity.

2. Manage your emails

Emails are probably one of the biggest distractions at work. Reading every message that appears in your inbox the minute it pops up will prevent you from focusing on anything else. Set a schedule to catch up on emails at regular intervals during the day. This way you will be able to complete tasks without interruption.

3. One thing at a time

You’ve got a list of things to do and your email application is closed. Now it is important to tackle those tasks one at a time. People are more efficient when they can focus on a single project.  The concept of multi-tasking is misleading and not a good idea as the human brain functions at its best when focused.

4. Do the worst task first

There is nothing worse than having a task you dread hanging over your head the whole day. The best option is to get it done as soon as possible. Once it is out of the way you will feel more motivated to tackle other, simpler tasks.  So put the dreaded task at the top of your to-do list for the day and get started as soon as you arrive at the office.

5. Keep food and snacks at your desk

If your office policy allows it keep some refreshments such as a bottle of water and healthy snacks at your desk. Getting up every half an hour to fetch a drink or nibbles will waste unnecessary time.

6. Ergonomics

Ensure that your chair and desk is the correct height. The placement of your computer screen is also important. Bad ergonomics can cause chronic pain in the back, shoulders and result in headaches. This of course will hamper productivity.

7. Avoid distractions

Constant interruptions by fellow workers will be distracting and a waste of precious time. No one can work for eight hours straight, so set time aside for breaks and chats. These should be kept short though and not allowed to overrun.

8. Managing meetings

It is more effective to schedule meetings during the beginning of a week. In this way everyone can arrange their busy schedules and identify tasks for the remainder of the week.

9. Stay on top of the paperwork

Allowing paperwork to pile up is never a good idea. It usually takes a huge amount of time and effort to catch up so set aside time every day to do your administration.

10. Get enough shut eye

Finally, if you’re feeling tired and cranky none of the previous tips will help to improve your efficiency. You need a good night’s sleep every night to arrive at the office fresh and eager!

About the author: This is a blog post by Juan of Benidormguide.net ,a Javea based travel writer.


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