Life happens and at some point you may need to leave your current job. Whatever the reason, it is advisable to not burn bridges by resigning in a graceful manner and with connections intact. In this informative and interesting article we look at some ways in resigning from work gracefully whatever the reasons.

1. Resigning

The first step of reassigning is actually communicating that you will be resigning. The best way in which to do this is in a formal resigning letter via email. Be professional, concise and keep it short and sweet, highlighting the reasons for leaving. You may also want to call a meeting with your boss and HR, whatever will suit your situation and relationship with your heads.

2. Resigning within notice

It is highly advisable in resigning within the correct notice period. You will evaluate the notice period stipulated in you contract. This will give your employer enough time to find someone to fill your position and will indicate that you have respect for them by not just upping and leaving. This is one fine way of resigning gracefully.

3. Maintain respect

If you resigning under bad circumstances due to stressful circumstances or after a fight with a head, it is advisable to attempt to maintain as much respect for them as possible. This will show your professionalism and respect. You will be tempted to tell him off or complain about him to other employees, try and not do this!

4. Keep productive

It is only natural when resigning from work to slack off somewhat. Try and maintain productivity and enthusiasm until your last day. This will not only benefit you by keeping you in work rhythm for your next job but will also show dedication and a great work ethic which may be communicated to other possible employees looking for references.

5. Focus on the positive

Even if resigning from your job is a negative fashion, keep positive. Focus on the positive, the skills you have acquired, the friends you have made and great references you can put on your resume.

6. Positive criticism

It’s always a great idea when resigning from your job to get some final feedback. Some companies provide you with an exciting interview where some feedback is given. Even if there is some criticism to be heard, take it all in and change what you can.

These are just a few steps to look at when resigning from your position. It’s good to leave on positive terms and start your journey on a clean slate.

About the author: Jemma Scott is an avid writer of business related information. Her inspiration for this article topic came from her resigning from serviced offices Birmingham.


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