Example of Cover Letters – A Few Wise Words

Man is a rational being, it surpasses everything because of its intelligence. Thus what man lacks, it compensates with the use of tools, giving man a technological advantage. Even in social aspects, man developed this “tools” to suffice with its social need, discussing the example of cover letters as means of the so-called “social tools”. This enables man to amplify the emotion, giving it the momentum to provide the emotional needs that man never stops looking for.

When you want to fix something, because you know how to fix…


What is a Perfect Cover Letter?

If you want to learn about writing the “perfect” cover letter, then this article was written for you.

The definition of a cover letter includes words like introduction, presentation and motivation. A cover letter must has all these characteristics.

The goal of the letter is to introduce yourself and present the particular attributes and work experience you possess that make you particularly qualified for a position. It is a perfect cover letter if the the reader is motivated to review your resume more closely than the other 500 they…


How to Write a proper resume and cover letter

The first step in writing a proper resume is the cover letter. Write each cover letter specifically for the company and/or position you are seeking. Next, write your name, The address where you can be reached, Phone number, Fax number (if applicable), and E-mail address. Skip a line and write the full date (month, day, year). Name of the specific person, title of that person (if available,) and the Address of the company.

Here is an example of what it should look like: Robert Smith 5560 Park drive New…


Why A Cover Letter Is A Necessary Addition To Your Resume

When sending out a resume, the first thing a potential employer is going to look at is the cover letter attached to your resume. The cover letter is an often forgotten but highly important part of the application process. The first thing to know or determine is what type you are going to be writing. There are three basic types of cover letters: an application, a networking, and an inquiring.

The application cover letter is a cover letter which is attached to your resume and expresses interest…


How To Write An Excellent Cover Letter

A cover letter decides the outcome of your resume. Often a poorly written cover letter could be the cause for your prospective employer not even looking at your resume. In the same vein, a well-written cover letter could land you at the interview table. Therefore, cover letter should essentially garner interest in the reader to look further into your resume and schedule a meeting at the earliest.

It is simple to write a winning cover letter by adhering to few simple steps:

- The main purpose of your cover…


Cover Letter Problem #1: Mystery Hiring Manager

Here’s the situation: the job posting has only the title of the hiring manager or simple just “Hiring Manager”. Frustrating, isn’t it? Many times job seekers don’t do much, if any, digging around to see if they can up with that ever-important name. Are you one of them?

For job seekers who really want to impress and get noticed when they submit their resume packages, there are some ‘secret’ ways to find out the name of the elusive hiring manager so you can address your cover letter to the…


Is Your Cover Letter Fast Food Or Five Star?

If you’ve been job hunting for some time now, you probably have come to the realization that it’s a jungle out there. It’s a jungle with lots of job seekers vying for the exact positions that you are seeking. You have the experience, education and achievements that warrant an interview… but you’re not getting any. What’s going on?

Much to your chagrin, and no matter how much you protest, the culprit could be you – not the employer. Well, not you personally but how you’ve represented yourself. Did you…


Professional-strength Professional Cover Letter Help

Perhaps the greatest piece of advice that can be given when it comes to creating a professional cover letter is that you should avoid taking yourself too seriously when writing one. Hiring managers want to hire people that will not only do a great job but will also be a good fit with the other personalities on staff and involved in the many projects that will be assigned throughout the years. No one wants to work with Mr. or Mrs. all boring, all the time. In other words, let…


How to Create Your Cover Letter When Switching Careers

You have recently made the decision to exit one career and enter a new one, which can be both exciting and a little bit scary. But while the choice to make the career switch was probably a grueling one, the prospect of explaining your lack of job experience to potential employers is probably downright terrifying.

Though you may be concerned about drawing attention to this missing portion of your career history, don’t spend too much time dwelling on it. The truth is, if you really desire to move into…


Does Your Cover Letter Introduce Your R

Most don’t! People often say the same thing on their Cover Letter they already said on their résumé. Just as if they submitted 2 résumés. Don’t make that mistake with yours. Your cover letter is an introduction to your résumé. It should make the reader want to go further and read more about you based on how you presented yourself (Block, 2002).

So, it should compliment your resume, not be a mini-resume in itself. You want to address those points about yourself that you have in common with the…


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