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Any accepted wisdom on the military/jobs/what to do?
I’ve recently graduated from elevated school and my life seem to be headed no where at the moment, terribly. I work as a delivery driver so my job isn’t too discouraging, but I’m looking for something more.. My highest score on the ACT (same as SAT) is individual 17, I know college’s will accept this but I just do not ponder school is for me. I’m considering joining the USAF, hoping to get plenty of skills that will backing me in…


Amazing Cover Letter Creator or use the Internet? Review of the benefits and disadvantages

There’s no question about it. Now that there is such great competition for jobs, everyone is using the same techniques to make sure that their resume is the one that the recruiters notice. We have all got access to the internet and everyone can read up on the current ‘best practices’ for preparing your resume – so how can YOU make a difference?

How can you make sure that your resume is the one that makes its was to the top of the pile? More and more, it’s not the…


Examples of Cover Letter Critical Errors

Do not think that you can make any of the following errors when writing your cover letter and still get the interview. The time and energy that you put into your cover letter will pay off – providing you have not allowed any of the following errors to creep into your writing. To help prevent these critical errors, consider downloading and using a cover letter template.

Cover Letter Error #1: Using your cover letter to restate your resume. What sense is there in writing a coverletter that just…


What Schools Should be Teaching


Don’t get me wrong, I believe most public schools are doing a great job. I, for one, loved my high school and everything I learned there. But because the world is changing and always evolving, there should be some new subjects taught in high schools—at least in optional classes. Here are a few topics that schools should consider teaching in order to help the students be ready for the advancements in the outside world. This will help prepare them for jobs and experiences in related fields:


Get Yourself A Second Pair Of Eyes – Register With An Employment Agency

I have to admit this – I hate employment agencies, with a passion. They never answer your phone calls and are never straight with you in answering your questions. But, they can be a good way to add another set of eyes so to speak, in helping you find jobs that normally aren’t posted on any job sites. Often, companies strictly work with employment agencies instead of posting jobs on the internet or in newspapers so that these employment agencies will do a lot of the leg work in…


Why A Good Resume Is Important

The world of employment is extremely competitive, especially in today’s economy.  Millions of people are vying for jobs each day, and each person is represented by one document: their resume.  As your sole representation to potential employers, your resume is a very important manuscript.   

A good resume does three things: it catches the attention of potential employers, it enumerates your qualifications and skills, and it sells your capabilities.

In order to catch the attention of potential employers, a resume does not have to be…


Create Powerful Attention Grabbing Cover Letters with a Cover Letter Step by Step Generator in Minutes

So you want to write a cover letter? But you’re unsure how to get started. For so many people, trying to come up with a top notch or reworked cover letter is arduous. Furthermore, spending hours customizing every single letter can be pretty protracted. Knowing this, various career gurus have designed their own cover letter step by step generator software to assist with the thorny task of cover letter writing.

OneClick Cover Letter Creator

OneClick Cover Letter Creator easily…


How to compose attention catching cover letters for your dream job?

It is an evident fact that in order to pocket that dream job you must get an opportunity to interact face-to-face with people who might offer you that dream job, i.e. you are required to qualify for job interviews. So what in your opinion is the strongest, simplest solution to get you those dream job interviews? Without doubt, the answer lies in attention-grabbing and well structured cover letters.

Statistics uncover the fact that even small-size organizations receive in excess of 50 applications in response to their published jobs.…


You Can Improve Your Resume – Amazing Resume Creator

It takes fantastic writing for a great resume to stand above the basic average resume. You need every advantage possible to get the job done in today’s economy. What I mean is that you really need to sell yourself. That is the purpose of the resume. The resume provides you the opportunity to sell yourself in a short period of time. This short amount of time equates to the employer taking one minute of their time to glance over your resume.

Check out Amazing Resume


Resume Coverletters–How Important Are They?

Resumes and cover letters are the two of the most powerful weapons in your job search arsenal.  A resume is a summary of your experiences, skills and education, information a potential employer will want to know before considering an interview.  Many applicants make the mistake of sending out their resumes without attaching resume coverletters.  

The cover letter introduces you to the prospective employer, identifies the position you are interested in, and indicates how you learned of the opening (ie: newspaper ad, on line source, referral from a friend,…


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