How To Write An Excellent Cover Letter

A cover letter decides the outcome of your resume. Often a poorly written cover letter could be the cause for your prospective employer not even looking at your resume. In the same vein, a well-written cover letter could land you at the interview table. Therefore, cover letter should essentially garner interest in the reader to look further into your resume and schedule a meeting at the earliest.

It is simple to write a winning cover letter by adhering to few simple steps:

- The main purpose of your cover letter is to indicate information enclosed in your resume. It should highlight your key qualifications, which could prove interesting and useful to your employer. A concise cover letter speaks volumes of your capabilities.

- Although brief cover letters are essential, it should not be overtly brief. You should provide few details about yourself and your work experience.

- Clearly mention the position you are applying for in the cover letter. Do not be under the impression that there is only a single category of vacancy and the person concerned is aware of the job you want to apply.

- Write an enthusiastic cover letter. This indicates that you foster a genuine interest to work in the company. Demonstrate your knowledge of the company and show how your credentials could prove useful to the company.

- You need not go into details of your contact information in your cover letter. These details are among the first and most important details in your resume. Therefore, your cover letter need not be repetitive.

- Always address your cover letter to a specific person in the company. Research into the company in question and thereafter address it to the proper person. This ensures that your cover letter and resume will surely receive at least an audience.

- Be very careful not to make any typing or grammatical mistakes in your cover letter. This leaves a very bad impression of your capabilities. Normally, you may not be able to locate any mistakes in your letter. Therefore, it is better to ask somebody else to check through the cover letter.

- Attach your cover letter to your resume with a paperclip or just place it on top of your resume. Stapling makes it difficult to make photocopies of your resume.

A cover letter is very similar to a sales letter. Therefore, give yourself adequate publicity without overdoing it too. Try to use simple language and use the active voice to present your details in a more eloquent manner. Depict a thorough professional approach in your cover letter as it essentially seeks for an interview or meeting with the employer. Therefore, do not shy or be very passive in your approach.

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