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Resume Writing and its Formats

Resume is useful for getting your dream job. Resumes are distinctive and vary from person to person. They summarize your key skills, achievements, and qualification.

Hence, it is necessary to write a resume that would compel the employer to call you for the job interview. There is no specific format for writing a resume. There are large number of sample resume templates and sample resumes available online. Free resume templates are also available online. It is very difficult to make a decision of choosing the right one.

So, we have to take into consideration the following things while selecting the format and writing resumes.

Some resume writing tips and its formats have been enlisted below.

• Resume should be done in MS Word. Avoid the usage of MS word templates

• Don’t use background colors in your resume

• Resume formats also vary as per your profession i.e. Medical, education, and software

• Proof read the content of the resume

• Layout of your resume is a much important aspect of resume writing

• Don’t give too much information or confuse the employer. They may just skim through the resume. Hence, the resume should catch the attention of the employer at one stance. Otherwise, there are possibilities of getting rejected

• Resumes should perfectly highlight your credentials. It should be identical to the needs of the employer, and then your chances for getting the job are high.

Various formats of resume templates are available. They include traditional, chronological, and functional templates. You can select the appropriate one, and utilize it while writing resume. Chronological format is the most popular amongst them. In the chronological format, details such as work history are included. Recently, terms such as creative are used to describe resumes formats. However, they are same as chronological ones. Different headings are used to describe your work history in an innovative and attractive manner.

Apart from these, other contents included in the resume are your educational qualifications, achievements, skills, language skills, and references (optional). While including the reference details in the resume, take permission from the person in advance, and only then include it. It also must include personal details of the individual like their name, address, and phone number. The contents in the resume and its format also vary according to the profession. An objective has to be included in the resume. The objective should be profession specific and also company specific i.e. where you have applied for.

Sometimes general objectives are also recommended which can be utilized for applying for multiple jobs. If you are opting for general objectives, then the content should also complement with it.

Format of resume:

• Check out different formats of resume from resume template and select the one that suits your background

• While selecting a format, consider the style and its format only

• Don’t copy the same contents. You can utilize your own ideas and design your resume accordingly. Take care that the style adopted by you is appropriate for the content to be included in resume

• If you are unable to select the appropriate format, use the traditional format

• Update your resume regularly

• Resume data should be in scan able format

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