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1 of 3: Rebecca Martin – Power Networking Strategies

In this series of videos Rebecca Martin presents to the CPC JobConnections audience in Danville, California on: – A new way to think about Networking – Importance of Networking – The Hidden Job Market – The Power of Professional Associations – Networking Meetings – How to Conduct Them – Networking Checklist In the first of three parts of the presentation Rebecca tells why networking is the #1 way to find a job. ********************************** Rebecca Martin is founder and owner of Livermore, Calif.-based dear jane – a career advisement company. As a corporate recruiter in Silicon Valley in the ’90s, Rebecca saw first-hand the personal and professional disorientation of thousands of workers displaced when the tech bubble burst. From this unique vantage point, Rebecca analyzed corporate clients; hiring processes; job applicants’ resume-writing abilities and interviewing skills; and hiring managers’ practices and procedures. In 2004 Rebecca launched dear jane with a proprietary career advisement program that includes career assessment, resume writing, interviewing methodologies, and compensation and other negotiations. Today, dear jane develops and delivers career management training classes, workshops, seminars, and coaching to Fortune 1000 companies as well as individuals throughout the United States and Europe. Since its inception, dear jane has enjoyed a 98% success rate in coaching clients through career transitions, successful interviewing, salary negotiations, and
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