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Just For You, An Example Of A Cover Letter

For some people, a cover letter is something that though is truly worth doing, is actually quite stressful and even daunting.

Usually, a cover letter is something one would attach to a resume.’ A cover letter could make or break your opportunity to score an interview. It makes sense therefore to devote serious effort and time in writing a cover letter that is good and effective.

Basically, cover letters should always complement but never duplicate a resume. The purpose of cover letters is interpret the resume – which is usually factual and focused solely on data – and give it a very personal and soft touch.

Cover letters are basically an employer’s first impression of you.

Cover letter types

There are basically three types of cover letters. The application letter is a type of cover letter which is made in order to respond to a particular job opening.

Another type of cover letter is a prospecting letter. The purpose of this cover letter is to inquire on possible job positions available.

A networking cover letter meanwhile has the purpose of requesting assistance and information in one’s search for a job.

Cover letter design

The cover letter must be created and designed particularly for your specific purpose. It is not advisable to design and write a uniform cover letter and sending it out to all your preferred employers. This is how junk mail works, remember?

A cover letter to be effective needs to explain your specific reasons for getting interested in a particular job and an organization.

It is also best that you identify all your relevant work experiences and skills, these should all make your prospective employer interested in you.

Cover letter example tips

As much as possible, try keeping the paragraphs in your cover letters as short as possible. Remember that employers receive not just your cover letters but a slew of other cover letters.

Keeping your letter short, sweet and straightforward makes it easy for employers to read through it.

Cover letters should also be printed on a standard size paper, preferably on a laser quality bond paper.

Also make sure to double check your letter for any punctuation, spelling or grammar errors.

An appropriate margin is one inch. Letters should only be a page long. Paragraphs found on the page must also look balanced.

When beginning a cover letter, address a specific individual and do not forget to include this person’s title or designation.

To be able to know who to address and how, it is best to research. Check the web site of the company. You could also try to call the company and ask for a specific title or name.

You could also try looking at trade publications, directories or guides as found in a library’s reference area.

Cover letter example

The cover letter should basically “cover” the following points: the letter’s first paragraph must indicate the purpose of your letter, the second paragraph should indicate what you could offer, the concluding paragraph must detail the follow-up you will make later on.

All in all, a cover letter is the first step of getting your foot at the door.

It is also best to mention a contact that you and the employer mutually and positively know of. Highlight your positive qualities but always be honest.

Doing so speaks much of your integrity as a person and as a potential employee.

Mario Churchill is a freelance author and has written over 200 articles on various subjects. For more information on cover letter or cover letters checkout his recommended websites.

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