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Can I qualify for unemployment if I quiet my job so I can go back full time to school?

I would like to go back to school in the Spring of 2010. I want to go full time and become a special education teacher. I’ve been with my company for 7 years now and they are not very flexible with my schedule. So my question is if I quiet my job will I be able to qualify for unemployment benefits? I reside in Texas and have never before received any kind off state or federal benefits.

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3 Responses to “Can I qualify for unemployment if I quiet my job so I can go back full time to school?”

  1. FifthSonata says:

    Unemployment is geared towards people who unvoluntarily quit their job through no fault of their (ex: downsizing) own.

    Find out unemployment qualifications for your state (just google “unemployment benefits / (your state)”.

    You don’t have to receive unemployment to go to school – there are federal loans ( to obtain, and if you have very low income, you can qualify for pell grants and/or work study programs. Pell grants are just grants – you don’t have to pay them back. Work-study is a program that gives you tuition assistance (you don’t have to pay it back) in exchange for you working on-campus (you still receive a salary – it’s minimum wage, but it’s still money. You’re limited to 20 hours per week, which is plenty for a student).
    You can find more info on the FAFSA site listed above.

  2. deliriousgirl says:

    NO. You will NOT be eligible for unemployment if you QUIT.

  3. spalmer says:

    No, you do not qualify for unemployment if you quit except for very few cases (i.e. transfers — and most have to be quite far, 200 – 300 miles; dangerous work conditions — that would have to be proven, etc). Unemployment is for individuals who lose their job through no fault of their own, for example the company closes or a lay-off occurs. It is not for individuals who quit or who are fired with just cause. You can choose to find another job that will be more flexible with your school schedule, or attend a school that has classes in the evenings or online.