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An Online Esl Jobs Resource Tip: How to Create Impact on your Resume

Keep it neat, succinct and simple. These are the qualities of a well-crafted resume or Curriculum Vitae that create impact and get jobseekers their plum ESL jobs.

o Neat. “First impressions last”. When applying for any of the ESL jobs posted on the internet, your resume is a piece of you that the employer gets to know of first. Present it in a clean and orderly manner so as to create a favorable impression on the mind of your employer before he even gets the chance to speak with you.

Gone were the days of messy typewriter ribbons; today, you can prepare your resume using a word processor with a variety of font sizes and font styles to use. Just bear in mind that when you have chosen a font style, stick to it throughout your document. Avoid turning your resume into a Rembrandt painting by using multi-colored fonts – stick to black.

Arial, Times New Roman, Tahoma and Century Gothic are some of the font styles you can use that can lend a professional look to your resume. Cursive styles are pretty to look at, but they can be better used somewhere else not on your resume. Font size 10 or 12 may be preferred.

o Short. Your CV or Resume should not be more than 2 pages of short-bond paper in length. If you are computer savvy, you can create a personal website that outlines your educational attainment and past ESL jobs with your recent photo on it, too.

o Simple. Avoid writing your resume on scented and colored stationery. The use of white bond paper on standard size is still the “in” thing.

Attach an application letter that will give the employer a quick glance at the facts contained in your resume that are relevant to ESL jobs. Highlight milestones in your career, and give a fast fact about your educational preparation that will fairly give the employer an idea of your strengths toward the job. Provide personal data, but do not elaborate on personal or family matters, unless these are asked of you in a phone interview.

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