I was laid off from my full time job and have filed for unemployment. If I get a part time job elsewhere (because that’s all that is available), can I collect unemployment until I am able to find full time work? I am in California. Please don’t refer me to EDD, as I have already checked there.

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8 Responses to “Can I collect unemployment if I get a part time job?”

  1. squashnet says:

    get off yahoo answers and get a real job. problem solved

  2. whoknewthecolorcouldbeblue says:

    In my state, you can collect if you are employed part time. But you have to work like 20 hours wk/or less. There are conditions. If you exceed the conditions you can’t collect.

    The good thing about working part time while collecting is that your unemployment will last 2 times longer because you are stretching it out over a longer time period. And you are paying taxes for the job you are working, so you won’t get nothing back when you file for tax returns. If you only collect unemployment for a year, its not earned income and therefore you can’t get back taxes that you paid on it.

    Good luck!

  3. Kay says:

    Your unemployment benefit amount will be reduced by the amount you earn from your part time job. For example, you are getting $300 per week of unemployment benefit but your take home pay from the part time job is $150 per week. The unemployment office pays you the balance of $150, not the whole $300. You have to report the amount you earn from your part time job to the unemployment office when you file the claim form.

  4. J Mac says:

    I don’t think so… but you are in California so I guess anything is possible.

    With a part-time job you could still look into food stamps and welfare programs of the like until you get back on your feet. This may be an acceptable time to withdraw from your retirement account(s) without having to pay an early withdrawal penalty depending on your situation. Also consider taking a home equity loan. The last thing you want to have happen is to get behind while your out searching for a new source of income


  5. krishnamoorthynagarajan says:

    Ethically and morally incorrect. Legally you may find loop holes.

  6. Jordan says:

    only if the job dont pay more than your benefits, but knowing the way it works here in michigan, if u work at all- even make 10 bucks- they will probably yank your unemployment benefits

  7. michr says:

    YES you can draw partial benefits………
    you must not have looked very hard because their web site explains this.

  8. vaughterl says:

    Yes you can,but it can only be very part-time like around 8 or less hours a week and you can’t make that much an hour,at least that was the case for me in TN. Good Luck