The Shot Gun Approach To The Job Search Will Miss Every Time

Everyday job seekers come to my office confused as to why their strong credentials and well designed ‘all purpose’ resume is not working .  The Internet has made it easy for job seekers to spread countless resumes far and wide. Because of this, hiring companies are now buried in a pool of generic resumes.

In better times, this ‘shot gun’ approach would yield some results. Now hiring managers can only afford to look at the tightest fit for the few positions that are out there.   Still, these job seekers…


Free Resume Examples – Use Free Resume Examples to Create a Resume in Record Time!

Today, the job market is more competitive than ever, so much so that a recruiter usually has a hard time going through a larger number of applicants and their resumes. Not all of the hundreds who apply will even make it through the initial part and their resumes will hit the trash can right away. Only very few will be granted an interview, and your ultimate goal in writing your resume is to make it impressive enough to snag that coveted interview and improve your chances of getting hired…


Unemployed Loan: a Boon in the Time of Fiscal Curse

There are so many people who are well educated nevertheless they are hunting for the job hither and thither but eventually their hopes dash to the ground for want of job as they have spent a lot of bucks over completing of their education. And they want to realize spent bucks over their schooling as fast as they are blessed with the job. But they go on contemplating about their forthcoming or pending financial problem. But now no need to contemplate any longer as unemployed loan


How to Cut Down Job Search Lead Time Through Networking

One of the things that frustrate people about job hunting most is that it takes so long to find the perfect opportunity. This job search lead time can vary widely, lasting for as little as a week to as long as two years or more. Because of this, it is very difficult to predict just how long it will take job seekers to find the jobs they want.

Some of the variables in lead time include: the type of jobs, the location, the economy of the area…


Terminally Unemployed – Comedy Time

Jay Malone cant get a real job because employers keep asking dumb questions at the interview
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Mary Lou McDonald MEP – Unemployment: Time for Action

Dublin MEP Mary Lou McDonald on the issue of unemployment and job losses
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Nicole on the Joy Behar Show: Business Time!

Nicole on the Joy Behar Show on office romance. This was aired on October 12.
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Job Search Haste Makes Waste — Of Your Time And Effort

As a resume writer, I often speak with clients who are burned out at work because they do it all and feel underpaid and under appreciated. They are tired, angry and confused about what their options are and remain in their prison-like situation for several years feeling stuck and powerless.

Then it happens. They have one of those days where they have just about had it! They grab the classified ads to find job listings that appeal to them and realize they need a resume in order to…


Cover Letter Sending: Make It Worth Their Time And Yours!

What is the use of sending out unproductive cover letters? In most companies, you are given one chance or you completely blow it. You definitely have to give it your best shot. Sending out an unedited cover letter sample is one big mortal sin in applying. You have to be able to do something significantly worth their time to your cover letter sample before you actually press the send button. If at all possible, create a separate cover letter modification for each company you apply in. If you are…


what is a job objective when applying for a full time teaching position?

What should I write as my job objective on my resume? It’s for class just a sample resume. Someone please help me.

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