Sample Medical Transcription Resume: Make your Case and Get That Medical Transcription Job Now!

Many medical transcriptionists want a sample medical transcription resume to follow in order to know what should be included in a resume. For those who are established in the medical transcription profession and have credibility within the medical field, here are some points to consider, followed by a sample medical transcription resume that outlines the salient information that should be included.

1) Be as succinct as possible in your medical transcription resume, and highlight what skill sets you bring to the table.

2) Limit your resume to…


Teen Job Search: 9 Important Keys to Finding the Job That Suites you Best

Most teenagers are looking for ways to earn extra income and want to do something to boost their morale, at the same time, make them feel more mature and ready to face the world. This is why teen job search is so rampant nowadays.

A teen job has to be worth spending the time of a curious teenage mind. The key to finding the job that fits you best is knowing which one would be parallel to your personality and character. However, since teenagers are still in the…


How to Write a Resume – Simple Tips on How to Write a Professional Resume That Works!

How to write a resume

A resume, by definition, is nothing but a mini-dossier presenting a summary of your educational qualifications, your job experience and any extra-curricular activities. That sounds quite simple, right? Most of the time people stick to this bookish definition without realizing that a resume can be made far more interesting than just a listing – it can be a pure psychological play that can make a potential employer want to interview a candidate. Here then is a small guide on how to write…


These is What You Need Before Starting a Job Search in Nebraska

Searching for a job can be done through browsing the internet. Job opportunities are available in plenty when the keyword job search Nebraska is used for searching and a wide range of options is displayed. The keyword job search Nebraska provides some of the popular job searches available on the Internet.

Some of the web links like job-hunt.org are popular web portals for providing good jobs. One can find a variety of jobs that are offered in different sectors. You may also have privilege of visiting more jobsites…


Employment Screening: the Employer?s Checklist

Getting the right candidate for a job opening is very important for employers. While an efficient employee with a clean record can improve the reputation of an organization, an employee with past criminal offences can easily sink it. It is therefore essential to do a thorough background screening before hiring an employee. Here are the things that must be checked before hiring an employee:

Criminal records: An employee may get a speeding ticket on a day he’s late for office. This can happen to anyone and most companies…


Common Examples Of Resume Cover Letter Mistakes

Job seekers are everywhere; you can find them on the busy streets and even on the Internet. Times have greatly changed, and without a job, you can’t live a normal life.

All the essential necessities needed to survive have their prices soaring high, and how else can you answer this but to have a good-paying job. The fact is that there are many job hunters out in the market and the question whether to get employed or not depends entirely on how you market yourself to prospective employers.



Tips To Transform Your Resume

In almost every job interview, a resume gives your prospective employer a first impression about you. If you succeed in making a good impression through your resume, you will get an edge over other candidates instantly, as the first impression is often the last impression.

Writing an Impressive Resume:

-Be clear and concise: Always be clear about your objectives when writing your resume. Be precise about the type of job you want and the skills that you have for the job. Try to put your qualifications, job…


Easy to Make Your Own Jobs Board Software on Aj Classifieds :: Craigslist Clone

AJ Classifieds Micro Editions is powerful, highly customizable classifieds software that can be used for many purposes. It has more features than the most famous classified site like craigslist.org has. AJ Classifieds is a professionally developed PHP Classifieds script that was built with you – the site owner – in mind and to assist you in generating income from your website. Whether you wish to run classifieds for real estate, automobiles, for sale, jobs, personals and services, our product is the right package for you. Our classifieds software allows…


7 Tips for an Unbeatable Covering Letter

When a job vacancy is advertised in print or online thousands of hopeful applicants send in their resumes for consideration. So if you want to be short listed and land the much coveted job you must ensure that your covering letter is the best. It should be well written, precise and informative.

Make the letter relevant to the vacancy and highlight why you are most suited. Use relevant experience detailed in your cv in the covering note to indicate what you will bring to the company and…


Cash Loans in Michigan for Unemployed ? Make the Best When You Turned Down by

When human beings are trapped in giant distress, they need for cash to repel their woes. There is no ready money available. Such thoughts are cropped up in the mind of troublesome people that are absolutely misconception because loans are specially designed for people to cater their needs when they don’t derive cash anywhere. Many kinds of loans are available in the loan market. Cash loans in Michigan for unemployed are also of these forms but cash loans for unemployed are specially fabricated for the…


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