Is Your Resume Bringing You Down?

Did you know that 90 percent of all resumes submitted for application are so poorly written and produced they actually get the WRONG attention, and can cost you that all important career opportunity? Well now you don’t have to leave your resume to chance and risk your future.

Sequence is the premier executive search firm committed to providing professionally written resumes and cover letters to those in the civil engineering, construction, and environmental industries. Our team of professional writers have the…


The Teaching Cover Letter: Out Of The Classroom And Into Reality

A teacher has a great job to do: he or she must be mentor and supervisor in the classroom, and counselor outside of it. Such a job requires people skills, passion, enthusiasm, and a lot of patience. Such a job is actually in great demand: there are thousands of schools all over the world with so many students, but with very few good teachers.

If you are looking for a job as a teacher, then you might be preparing your documents right now. Your resume will probably outline…


How do I incorporate my salary requirements into my cover letter without coming across as two demanding?

Does anyone know how to incorporate your salary requirements into a cover letter. I am a college student and I want to start sending my resume and cover letter out to employers so I can obtain a job when I graduate this may. Believe it or not none of my professors ever taught this in any of my classes. I have been searching online for templates but I can’t seem to find anything useful can anyone offer any advice.
I know you are not suppose to include the salary…


Five Essential Resume Tips

Writing a resume can be a daunting task. It’s such a vital part of your toolkit in moving you up to the next level in your career. Here are five essential resume writing tips.

Resume Tip 1

Your resume and cover letter are the first items that will reach an employer’s desk. Therefore, you want them to best reflect you as an applicant and you want them to best reflect you as an applicant. It’s not just the words on the page, its the presentation of those…


Looking For Cover Letter Sales Job Sample

The sales job of your dreams may seem to be in a galaxy far, far away. In reality, it is just a matter of having the gumption to explore new spaces and apply universal concepts. The combination of these two spectacular techniques can come together at the speed of light to create one Big Bang – in the form of a sales cover letter. The sales cover letter is the first important aspect of your mission – to find a stellar position with potential for growth. Don’t let your…


Do I Really Need a Resume Service?

Do I Really Need a Professional Resume Writer?

Yes. A Professional Resume Service Can Help.

There is nothing more important than a good cover letter and resume when looking to jump-start your career, land the perfect interview or get a better salary. A resume writing professional can help with the ideal cover letter and resume layout. You will be amazed at how good you look with a new cover letter and resume.


The majority of recruiters spend less than 7 seconds reviewing a resume…


Qualities Of An Effective Cover Letter To Catch Your Future Boss’ Attention

When a vacancy for a certain job is posted, it is expected to attract a number of applicants. Among these applicants, more than half will surely be qualified for the position. Just like you, their goal is also to be hired. So aside from the resume that you submit in applying for the job, the cover letter is also attached.

The cover letter is usually a one-page letter that is written to invite the employer to read on to your resume. For a busy employer who had been hectic…


The Secret Of A Winning Cover Letter

When you are seeking for a job, the first thing that comes in to your mind is to write your resume. However, you should also think for the “second thing” which is your cover letter that is also known as your application letter.

Some job recruiters or employers ask for your cover letter together with your resume; while others don’t. Whatever the case may be, it is still an ethical and a professional attitude to write your cover letter. Why? Your cover letter is the front-page of your resume.…


Fax Cover Letters: Alive And Kicking

Fax cover letters may seem non-existent in the trend of job hunting today, but it is actually a contingency and an alternative to snail mail and email. If you want the speedy quality of emailing and the hard copy feature of snail mails, fax cover letters are definitely the way to go. Few people prefer the faxing of cover letters. But some companies explicitly state the use of fax in sending cover letters. This, for them, is an efficient and quick way to get applicant information without the slowness…


How to Handle Resume Flaws

An effective resume is a key tool when you are trying to land a job. However, most resumes fail to capture the attention of potential employers for very predictable, but definitely curable, reasons. These are listed below:

1. Lack of Focus – An Unorganized Resume: Most resumes one comes across have a never-ending list of everything the person has done in his or her career. There are also endless lists of skills, personal characteristics and accomplishments, verbs, and unnecessary detail. What you need to do instead of making everything…


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