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The following responses to popular questions are designed to facilitate an effective job search campaign, starting with the resume:

QUESTION: Do I need an objective? I need to do my resume, but I am not sure what kind of job I want. Do I need one? My friend who used to be my supervisor in my old job told me that I do not. Is she right?

ANSWER: There are many opinions on the subject. However, it is better to be safe than sorry. Either use…


Top Five Resume Mistakes

Here are the most common resume mistakes. Some of them are quite simple while others are subtle and hard to spot. In any case consider all so that you are fully prepared to write a powerful and successful resume.

#1: Lack of focus.

Many people fail to focus on what is really important in a resume why you will be beneficial for your future employer. Instead they go into details about their previous work, their previous duties, reasons for leaving, and so on. Your resume is not…


Little Known Ways To Writing Effective Resume Cover Letters

Finding a job will be a lot easier if you have a powerful resume that will put your future employer on hot seat. It is like telling them either you get them now or suffer the consequences. That is as far as what your skills can show.

However, most applicants can exactly do the same. Of course, this can be traced down to the very fact that every applicant would want to be hired. With all these similarities, it will be doubly hard for you to get your potential…


Resume Outline

When creating a resume, whether you are doing it with resume software or on a word processing template, the first thing you need to create is a resume outline. A resume outline is simply all of the items which you wish to highlight in your resume. A resume outline includes personal information, employment experience, education, and accomplishments.

Creating a resume outline is no different than creating an outline for any other document. You will have headings and then fill in the information under the headings. The first heading in…


A Great Cover Letter For Nurse Positions

You finally made it through nursing school and are ready to put what you have learned into practice. The first step in getting the nursing job of your dreams is to compose a viable, nursing cover letter to introduce yourself to the potential employer and let them know exactly what you can do. A good cover letter gives your job search the punch it needs to be fruitful and successful. Nurse your cover letter with tender, loving care and you are sure to be satisfied with the end result.…


How to Develop an Effective Resume Career Profile: The Basics

In today’s competitive job market, it’s important to stand out from the crowd and including a well-written career profile can help you do just that. Your career profile should appear immediately after the objective. This section highlights the most important information included on your resume – work experience and achievements, educational background, and other items that may be relevant to the position. A career profile is only a few lines long but a well-written one can encourage hiring managers to keep reading so they can find out more.



How To Make A Professional Cover Letter For A Resume

Are you wondering how you can make a professional cover letter for a resume but do not know where to start? The first rule of thumb for making a professional cover letter is to follow the standard business letter format. That means the date goes at the top, then you space down five returns, type in the address where you are sending the letter to, hit return two more times and start your letter. If you have the name of the person who will receive your resume, type “Dear…


Free Cover Letter Templates Microsoft

If you simply copy a free resume cover letter off the net, you’re relying on the same template most of the other job applicants are using. You need a way to make your cover letter unforgettable.

Free Cover Letter Templates Microsoft

Here are a few quick tactics that will help.

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1. Relate an interesting story about yourself. Start with sample resume cover letters, sure. But add a story about about yourself. People recount stories again and again. Brief snippets and anecdotes that they…


6 Professional Resume Tips: Know What Human Resources Really Want

If you know what Human Resources professionals want, you will have a better chance to be the next candidate called for an interview. Professional resume tips will definitely give you that much needed edge!

Professional resume tips #1 – Size really does matters

The length of your resume will be partially determined by how much working experience that you have, but length prevents your resume from standing out.

If you are new jobseeker or just do not have much experience in the field in which you…


Ace Resumes.mp4

Are you thinking about engaging the services of a professional resume writing service for your jobsearch needs? A professional resume writing service can create a resume, CV, cover letter, thank-you letter, or other career related marketing communication Before you decide, you might want to consider how a professional resume writing service could benefit you. This will also help you determine your need for professional resume writing service.
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