Heat Up Your Job Search With A Cold Cover Letter

The job market is much like the weather. Sometimes it is balmy and tropical, other times it is Arctic and frigid. Truth be known, companies are always hiring even when they claim to be subject to a freeze. If the right cold cover letter comes across the desk of the right manager, and turns up the heat a little, you can rest assured that those cold-shoulder conditions are bound to warm up fast. A solid, cold cover letter is effective fuel to fire up your job search.

A cold…


Where shall I put the Letter of Recommendation?

I’m seeking for a job right now but I don’t know the sequence of the materials when I submit them: 1. Cover Letter; 2. Resume; 3. Letter of Recommendation / or I should put the letter of Recommendation on the top?

Moreover, it would be really great if you could help me write a few sentence of ‘self-estimate’ which is required in the template. My English is not good enough to write it impressive but I’m applying a job in an American company. I want to express ‘I have…


Why Social Networking Has Never Been More Relevant For Job Hunters

It’s certainly not difficult to understand why social media and social networking websites have exploded in popularity in recent years. They capitalize on the intrinsic human need to interact with and gain feedback from other people. Blogs, message boards and other online communities allow us to share ideas with people all over the world in real time and offer almost all the dynamics of human interaction. Millions of people have created profiles on social networking sites and uploaded images and film clips on social media sites. As more people…


Top Ten Resume Mistakes

Your resume has many functions, but the primary and first function is that it must attract attention, stimulate interest and prompt your potential employer to call you for an interview. Shabbily presented, incomplete resumes only serve as irritants to recruiters, and guaranteed to be simply ignored.

Here are top 10 mistakes that you must avoid while preparing your CV:

1. Unqualified Candidates – You may want a job, but if you don’t have the certification / qualification, skills and experience needed, employers will feel you’re wasting…


Cover Letter Format

When applying for any new position, you will want to have a polished and attention-getting cover letter. In order to assure that it is laid out correctly, you will need to have a first-rate cover letter format.

A cover letter should follow the same format as would a classic business letter, and should speak to three common issues: The first paragraph should explain to the employer why you are writing. Let him or her know the position you are interested in, and if you are replying to a…


Top Tips For a Killer Resume

Hoping to land your dream job or just a position that will help you earn some spare cash over the summer months? Whether you’re applying to be the chief financial officer of a multinational corporation or trying to become WalMart’s newest customer service rep, a great resume is essential. Here are some tips to make yours stand out.

1. Know what you want: Your resume should clearly state what type of job you are looking for and what you are hoping to achieve in your career. This is also…


Why Resume Cover Letter is Crucial

A cover letter accompanies each resume and it is sensible to devote the needed time and effort to write effective cover letters because the cover letter may either assist in obtaining a job interview or result in having the resume rejected. A cover letter should complement the resume. Its main objective is to interpret the data-oriented details and add a personal touch. A cover letter creates the first impression, which is the earliest written contact with a potential employer.

Generally there are three types of cover letters. The…


How to Overcome the Failing Job Market

Today’s market place and employment prospects are far tougher than

it has been in many years. Opportunities for employment simply don’t exist in the manner that they once had.

With employers seeking the younger prospects and a market place overwhelmed with folks who prior to losing their jobs, used to be able to easily produce an income of 65k to 125k are now excepting employment at a fraction of what their incomes were, many of them, by as much as 60 % of their previous income.…


How to Write your Resume to Overcome Age Bias

DO trim your resume back to the most recent 10, 15, or 20 years. Your resume is a marketing document. It is NOT an autobiography. Readers want to know what you have done recently to add value in the companies you have been associated with. Skills, experiences, and achievements from 25 or 30 years ago or more are almost certainly irrelevant at this point. But, if those early experiences are still relevant, you do have options…

DON’T be afraid to mention early experience that is still relevant. Just…


Cover Letter Advice and Cover Letter Examples

The majority of employers require potential employees to submit a resume in order to sum up their educational and work background all on a piece of paper.

Some also require a cover letter. Even if they don’t, it can be very beneficial to also include a cover letter along with the resume, since a cover letter is an excellent opportunity to explain relevant qualities and job skills. It gives the employer a chance to recognize the job experience that…


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