How To Make A Professional Cover Letter For A Resume

Are you wondering how you can make a professional cover letter for a resume but do not know where to start? The first rule of thumb for making a professional cover letter is to follow the standard business letter format. That means the date goes at the top, then you space down five returns, type in the address where you are sending the letter to, hit return two more times and start your letter. If you have the name of the person who will receive your resume, type “Dear Mr. (or Mrs. or Ms.) Blah Blah” and start your letter. If you have no specific name, then always type “Ladies and Gentlemen”.

From that point on, you should refer to where you saw the advertisement for the job and that you are enclosing your resume for their consideration. While this might seem like a “no brainer”, it is still protocol for a cover letter. You do want to make a professional cover letter for a resume, don’t you? After that, you should go on to say why you are applying for the job.

Your cover letter should state a few reasons why you are perfect for this particular job. Point out any highlights of your career as well as any additional information that you think your prospective employer should know about. The cover letter for your resume should not be too long. The people who are doing the hiring do not have the time to read a long missive about how wonderful you are. Just be brief and touch on your strong points before ending the letter with your contact information.

If you want to make a professional cover letter for a resume, there are many places online where you can get templates to use as guidelines. Many of these templates are free, and you can find a lot of different formats to suit your personal style. The key to remember when you want to make a professional cover letter for a resume is to be yourself and express your true reasons for wanting to land this job. By the way, we do not recommend using the wording “land this job”! But you will want to be sure and have your personality shine through not only your cover letter but your resume as well.

Make a professional cover letter for a resume and you will most likely get a foot in the door towards a job that you really want and perhaps really need. It is all about how you represent yourself!

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