Seeking a Job Pounding the Pavement – It’s All About Employment Networking

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Seeking a job. Pounding the pavement. It is often said that it not how many people you know it is “Who You Know”. This is the essence itself of successful employment and hiring networking.

Person “A” knows person “C” who knows both “Z” and “K”. Thus by a proper and considerate presentation of yourself and as to why you would be an attribute as well as a profit creation center for the company, firm and organization in discussion, if you make a solid and full attempt at person “A” at the start of the triangle – then you have covered your bases with “C”, “A’ and “K”. Now it’s simply a matter of checking the seeds that you have planted along with a process of consistent follow through and check ups.

Sure it used to be simpler all before modern times and the internet. Yet the basics tactics, approach and strategies remain the same. Do your planning for your job seeking or career advancement campaign or campaigns. Employ your basic research skills. Look for information, opportunities and the places that people and firms post jobs and employment or share information.

Not long ago all you had to do was comb your local daily newspaper or if you were bolder a prominent national newspaper such as the New York Times , Wall Street Journal or the business or employment sections of the Toronto Globe and Mail newspapers. You might have visited your local library for additional resources and listings in industry guides and records. You might have even asked the librarian for specific help on researching individual companies and organizations that peaked your interest or you considered were the market leaders and offered the peak level and best paying jobs in your chosen field or fields of employ and hiring.

All in all nothing has changed much when you look at the basics or job seeking. Instead of newspapers and their business and employment sections you now have online newspapers, job posting boards, such as Workopolis. JobShark and the like.

The beauty is that most of these services are free to the job seeker and offer extensive resources to those seeking employ and career upgrades – that would only of been available to highly paid staff at more highly paid “Headhunting”, “Headhunters” and “Employment Consultants”. Many of these options to view, list and post jobs on the internet both for employers and job seekers are entirely free of cost as well.

The upside of this is that you can conduct exceptionally thorough, timely and accurate research now, in the privacy of your own home or basement with your internet connection and home pc computer. There is no need to conduct research at the library and be at the mercy or limited skill set of your local librarian. The flip side of the equation is that you may not be competing with someone across town or across your state or even elsewhere in the US but a job seeker in their basement ½ way around the world, who may also present themselves well, and do the job at a portion of the cost that you are willing to undertake.

It’s a brave new world out there for innovative, resourceful and purposeful job seekers.

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Reprinted with permission.

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