What’s with the job hiring, cover letter, resume & thank you letter?

We used to be able to fill out an application along with maybe a resume & get either a “yes we want you” or “no we don’t want you”.
Now its a big huge guessing game. You send the resume to the big black hole never to know the answer again.
The company puts out the ad, but does’t have the professionalism to answer ALL the applicants. But yet, you should be professional, OR should I say a “kiss but” with all the follow letter and or phone call… What do you say? Don’t know about you, but IM tired of sending out resumes & never getting an answer or a confirmation it was received. Maybe you get one out of 25. That is awful..

Please chime in and let me know if any of you feel the same way.

Fed up in NY.

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3 Responses to “What’s with the job hiring, cover letter, resume & thank you letter?”

  1. AtiaoftheJulii says:

    Some employers give you the courtesy of sending you a “Dear John” letter but most do not. This is just one reason why I stopped sending thank you notes after an interview.

    What’s the point? If they can’t give me courtesy why should I?

    A simply thank you after the interview is enough…

  2. Orion777 says:

    Two wrongs do not make a right. Practice good etiquette even if the employer does not.

    I have a friend who has never had a hard time getting hired. Her secret? To always keep calling and/or going back after putting in her application.

  3. Francesca Thomas says:

    They stopped sending rejection letters because they were getting hundreds (if not thousands) of applications for every ad. Its very time consuming & costlyl.

    For those of you who do NOT write a thank you note after the interview – well you could be kissing your dream job goodbye everytime you dont send one. Often its the little things like a thank you note that makes or breaks the decision whether or not to hire you.

    As for sending out the resumes – that is not how you get a job. Are you sending out a general resume? The same resume for every application? Thats where your black hole is.

    Assuming you are sending out a general resume and you cannot be bothered to PERSONALISE each resume to the advertisement, so why should the employer be bothered to hire you?

    Try networking, or cold calling. And work on the resume – personalise it for EVERY application. Yes, its hard work, but these days you HAVE to do some work to get a job.