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When creating an executive level resume you will discover that it will be different in many ways from  a normal resume in the way that it ought to be more detailed  and having understood this should be that little smidgen longer than a standard CV.

It is assumed the purpose for this is because an executive standard resume will have to outline a focused set of attributes and likely employers who are  wanting to hire someone for this kind of standing and standard will in no doubt want to…


Resume advice/template?

I just graduated from high school and got an interview with Aflac, my responsibilities haven’t been clearly stated yet but they told me qualifications isn’t required and that i’ll get on the job training, but also asked for me to bring my resume. I need an advice what put down, because I haven’t worked that much plus i just graduated high school. A template would also be good


Why You Need To Use A Resume Instead Of A Job Application

A resume is needed over the job application is because it is a presentation of who you are. In short, it is an advertisement. You are the product.

It includes achievements instead of just “duties” and provides a lot more room for your information compared to the small section found on a job application form.

A job application includes information that would not be appropriate to list on a resume such as references, reasons for leaving a job, salary information and mailing addresses for each…


How to update a Resume and add volunteer work and Board Member work.?

Resumes, are there easy samples on line to follow, or can someone help me update mine?
Resumes have changed so much during the years. I have had the same job for 25 years and added on an additional job. But I am the PTA president and a member of the School Board and they need an updated one. Most of their resumes show volunteer work, time served as a Board Member and also was told that I have been serving as a PTA president . Help!!! There must be…


The paper resume is dead! Are you being competitive enough?

Excerpt from “Job Interviews – Americas New Prostitution”

After much thought, I decided to write the first chapter about multimedia resumes. The main reason for this is that creating multimedia resumes is what I do. It is my business and it is how I support my family. Throughout this book you will often hear me refer to the paper resume as being dead in this economy and as luck would have it, I have quite a bit of data to support my case. Let’s face it. Right now you…


does anyone have a good site for resume templates?

I need to find a web site with templates for cover letters and resumes I am writing my first professional resome and need some ideas

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How to Self Promote Thru Well Written and Formatted Resume

Resume outline

The resume outline is meant to help one go through all the stages of resume writing without forgetting to include anything. What chances are there to land a job with a poor resume? Do not underestimate the power of the first impression, and the resume works as a self-marketing strategy. Hence, we can call it a winning resume, when the self-advertisement convinces an employer that you would be a valuable asset for his/her company.

Create key details and highlighted words

Although a resume looks good, there is…


Where can I find good resume templates for free online?

Well I already have a job, but my buddy wants a resume. So, if anyone knows of a site please share it with me. Thanks.

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Number One Job Search Tip: Distribute Resume

There are people who are looking for a job for a long time but still they fail to get proper offers. There are various reasons for this. People usually tend to make certain mistakes which creates problem for them to get a good job.

You must always remember that there is a stiff competition in the job market and you must do something which will provide you an edge over the others. You might wonder what you can do to make sure you land up in a good job.…


JobsDB Career Events Pen Your Resume with a Target in Mind

Date: 28 February 2009, Saturday Time: 9:30 am – 12:30 pm Facilitator: Mr Steven Chong The fundamentals of resume writing and cover letter were covered in this workshop. The process started with the jobs the participants are targeting, and how one can target-write the resume and cover letter specifically for the job, company and industry.
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