When you want to buy an airline ticket you don’t have to go to the airport anymore, you just power your computer and buy a ticket online. Even when you want to know what the weathers going to be like for the week you don’t have to buy the newspaper or wait for the weather forecast on the TV, you just open up your weather application or browse for it online. All of these are very convenient to use but have you ever wondered how these applications and websites have been created?

Imagine a world where all of these applications and online sites didn’t exist and you feel a slight shudder going down your spine, especially when technology has become such an intricate part of our lives. Don’t you think picking a career path as a developer for these applications or websites will be a profitable venture and definitely keep your pockets lined with some well earned cash? If you answered yes (and you enjoy technology) you should consider picking a career in the computer industry.

Always an opportunity

Technology is certainly on the rise and if you decide to pick a career in IT you can’t go wrong with obtaining a degree in IT. There are many different fields you can specialize in and make a name for yourself. Companies frequently search for talented individuals who can create applications for them as well as websites to promote their business.

The fields which form a basis for your IT career consists of Software developing, SEO consultant, app developing, computer programming and web development. We’ll be touching base on two major careers in this article; Software developers and Computer programmers.

Software Developer

Software developers are the backbone of software applications. They see the need, develop software to fill those needs and sell them to companies or individual clients. Software developers also create software programs which help run a company’s administration structure and they run tests and do maintenance on existing software.

Software developers can freelance, work for companies or other electronic manufacturers. Many software developers aren’t constricted to work at the office and can ply their trade at the luxury of their own homes.

Computer Programmer

Computer programmers take the software from software developers and incorporate them in a seamless way so that computers may execute them efficiently. Computer programmers work in programming languages such as C, Python, C++, PHP, Ruby and Java to write their codes.

Computer programmers have their fingers in many different fields and will often work with video game companies, healthcare companies, digital agencies, mobile developers and corporate entities.

With these two qualifications you will be able to get your foot in the door of the digital agency of today. Start of with a healthy passion for computers and add some dedication to your mixture and you will become talented and highly sought after. Initially you’ll find it difficult to get started but once you’ve built up a portfolio you’ll be part of the high rollers of the IT departments.

About the author: Ruan Smit believes that doing a business skills courses online can change anyones life, now anyone can learn IT and make big money!


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