Maybe you’ve just finished college or you are ready for a career change and it’s time to start applying for positions that meet your requirements. Bear in mind that job opportunities are still a little scarce after the recession, but they are out there and if you play your cards right, you could be enjoying a new working environment in the next couple of weeks.

All About Your CV and the Application Process

You’ll want to start by writing your CV, your CV is the first thing the prospective employer will see and should make a good first impression. Don’t drag it out; two pages are more than ample when applying for even the most senior of positions.

Your CV should be very clear and to the point without any frills or fuss, if you are unsure find a professional to write it out for you. Always type it out neatly and in a realistic font size, size 12 is always big enough for everyone to read with ease.

This document should offer your personal information such as your name, age and contact information and then go on to your work experience and educational experience. For the work experience section keep it brief, it’s so easy to waffle on about all the minor jobs you completed while working at the firm, but it’s the necessary basics that the potential employer wants to see, they want to see how your experience will benefit their working environment.

Once your CV is typed up and you have it saved on your computer it’s time to start job hunting. This is not a pleasant process and takes time and effort on your part; there are thousands of job sites online offering positions all over the country. It is up to you to page through all these positions until you find ones that best meet your requirements. Read the requirements carefully to ensure that not only they tick all the boxes for you, but that you tick all the boxes for them.

If you find something that really interests you, you can write a covering letter just highlighting your stronger points and why you are interested in the position and attach your CV for their reference. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t hear back from many of the positions you applied for. At the moment there are more people looking for work than there are jobs especially in certain industries, so you will need to persevere without losing heart. You need to understand from the employers point of view and they are probably receiving hundreds of CV’s for each job they post on the internet.

When you do get a call to attend an interview don’t mess them about on times and availability, try your best to meet them when they want to see you, this not only shows your willingness but shows your availability and flexibility as well.

Dress for Success

You will need to dress the part for the interview, even if you are applying for a position where you will wear jeans most of the time, you want to look your best and give a good first impression at the interview. Ladies should wear smart trousers or a skirt combined with ladies jackets and a blouse, this is always the best smart approach you can take. Men can wear trousers and a smart shirt, you don’t need to worry about jacket and tie unless it’s a corporate environment that you have applied to.

Being nervous at an interview is completely normal, try and remain calm and answer any questions as honestly as possible. Have some questions ready that you would like to ask and when given the opportunity don’t be shy to ask, this shows you are truly interested in the position.

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