It seems that despite the great strides that have been made in women’s rights, it is still something of a man’s world when it comes to the workplace. According to figures from a survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the United States, in 2010 women were still earning just 81% of a man’s wage. A woman who is assessing the workplace might want to think carefully about the sector she chooses to make her mark in, to ensure that she picks an industry which supports the female worker.

Employment Services

Many human-resources departments have a high percentage of female professionals. It has been argued that the soft skills of listening and empathy which are required in human resources are often strong in women. Similarly, in the recruitment industry and also in staffing services, women often play a dominant role. Although some statistics say that 57.4% of the sector is occupied by women, this figure is expected to increase considerably by 2014.

Health Care

This is traditionally a female-orientated profession. Published figures have suggested that women make up the majority of the workforce in this sector at 78%. It is expected that this figure may increase as there is a projection of a 27.3% increase in these types of jobs by 2014.


Accountancy is said to be one of the best sectors for women right now. More women contractor accountants are becoming involved in the profession and there might even be more women than men in the role in the future. The Financial Reporting Council’s study, Key Facts and Trends, stated in 2010 that the percentage of women who are members of chartered accountancy bodies went up from 28% in 2004 to 33% in 2009.


This is also a female-dominated profession, but women’s roles have expanded from school teaching to higher education and also administration in education. It is said that almost 70% of the education sector is female.

Social Assistance

Even without taking into account children’s day care, this sector has a high proportion of women workers and is has been suggested that they account for as much as 73.8% of the workforce. Typical jobs include social workers, counsellors and social-security administrators.

Pharmaceutical industry

As more women study sciences, the male domination of this industry is being eroded. Just less than half the workforce in the manufacturing field is female and the figure is rising.

Advertising and Public Relations

The female intuitive and creative mind often thrives in devising and promoting brands and women make up over half the workforce in this sector. It is expected that this figure will increase by 22.4% by 2014.


The female proportion of this industry is around 60.9% and the popularity of using women to sell insurance has been ascribed to their capacity to use empathy to close sales.

Advocacy and Civic Work

Over a third of the workforce in this area is now female, according to recent statistics. It is argued that women’s ability to appreciate multiple points of view makes this an appropriate female profession.

Legal work

Women lawyers are now becoming more prevalent in a traditionally male-dominated profession, with an increasing number of women climbing the ladder to partnership.

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