Changing career or entering the job market for the first time can be a daunting experience. However, with hundreds of marketing jobs and opportunities available on websites anyone can start or advance their career in marketing, and finally take the career ladder by storm!

1. With hundreds of opportunities in the United Kingdom and worldwide, writing a good Curriculum Vitae (CV) and covering letter is essential. These two elements will provide employers with a summarised history of an applicant’s experience and will make the difference between getting a job interview and being rejected. For marketing jobs, as for many other jobs, there are a set of basic rules to be followed to make a CV and a covering letter as attractive as possible for employers.

2. Covering letters should be concise, interestingly written and it should highlight the best parts of the applicant’s CV. However it is important to ensure that a proper balance is struck: the covering letter must not be rephrasing the CV. It is also good practice to display a certain degree of knowledge and research on the company’s values, goals and history; an employer will be more inclined to interview applicants who display interest in the company.

3. it is important to work on the quality of your CV. A good CV will be concise, clearly formatted, and will provide an understandable summary of the applicant’s experiences and qualifications. Although the CV should contain as much detail as possible, it is preferable for any applicant to avoid mentioning any negative information such as failed qualifications or troublesome employment periods. Removing such information from a CV does not amount to lying, and will improve the chances of obtaining a job interview.

4. Websites also provide valuable advice on handling job interviews once they have been obtained. During an interview, it is absolutely essential to behave in a positive and engaging manner. Enthusiasm needs to be clear and natural, as interviewers will probably notice when an applicant displays artificial or exaggerated enthusiasm. Creating a connection, or rapport, with the interviewer can also help maximise the qualities and initiative of the applicant during the interview.

5. Job offers obtained after a successful interview can usually be modified through negotiation. It is during this negotiation phase that an applicant can maximise his chances for promotion and career advancement in the future. Although immediate considerations such as wages, pension provisions and holidays are an important part of a job offer, the inclusion of company-funded training courses will provide any new starter with fantastic opportunities to take the career ladder by storm.

Marketing jobs often provide a great chance for further training and promotion, and many companies will provide training at the start, and during employment. Every starter in a career should follow as much training as possible, as new qualifications and skills acquired during training could provide further promotion or employment opportunities, within the current company or with a new one. To take the career ladder by storm, it is important to always seek to improve a CV with more and better qualifications, making it more attractive to prospective employers.

Finding and applying for a marketing position is a fantastic opportunity for everyone whether you are finding a new job or starting a new career.


About the author: Henry Bishop’s has been immersed in online marketing since creating his own ecommerce site 6 years ago. Since then he’s assisted dozens of start-ups helping to enhance their image, SEO and conversion rates through targeted split testing and content optimisation.


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