by Raj Shekharz –

The word “Employment” means a lot for the job seekers. Getting a good job in the stage of recession is not an easy task. To stand out in the crowd of hundreds of applicants, you need to create a resume which is professionally designed accompanied with a good cover letter to grab the interview opportunity.

Here, I am giving certain tips of how to design a professional resume & what else can help you in designing it.

1. In professional resume layout, the first & foremost step is to include all those things which pushes your resume towards one goal & that is to get an interview call. First two lines should include your contact information, mail i.d. so that the potential employer can deliver you the interview details.

2. Choose a resume pattern which a particular job situation demands-Chronological, Functional, Combination, Targeted resume format.

3. The resume should be concise, clear, comprehensible & impressive. Ideally it should be of 1 page length unless & until the candidate possesses a high grade profile, in that case exceed up to 2-3 pages.

4. A High professional resume that earns interviews include-Being tailored to one specific job target, Candidate’s specialization field, academic profile & the working experience should be up to the level to maximize the interest of hiring manager.

*If you are a fresher don’t give up. Boost up your resume by adding your academic performance, accomplishments, project work designed, certifications of some additional qualifications like C++, Java, Adobe Photoshop etc.& volunteer work. Believe me, Volunteer work & accomplishments will prove a bang for fresher in getting an interview call.

5. Review professional resume format, templates, use resume writing resources which foster help in creating a professional resume.

6. Use Bulleted list in the experience section to show your accomplishments. Bulleted format makes hiring managers work easy to scan your resume. Choose font size 11, 12 for body text of your resume. Arial & Times are good choices.

7. Give an effective title to your resume which is matching to the desired post.

8. If your resume includes the most relevant keywords that recruiters use to find candidates in area of expertise, your resume will come up in results e.g. a job title like ‘Computer programmer’ can be described in several ways like ‘Visual basic programmer\Coder’. Make use of the action verbs & give quantifiable information like e.g. coordinated MARKETING CAMPAIGNS & SPECIAL EVENTS.

9. Some high tech companies demands visual CV-If you get link with LinkedIn, then your LinkedIn profile can increase your visibility online & help you build up your professional brand. Add a photo to your LinkedIn profile. Standard size is not larger than 80*80 pixels.

Use traditional resume with add-ons like video, images & links to accomplishments.

10. Professional resume should be accurate & honest. Don’t put fluffy stuff. Give references which are worthwhile & realistic.

11. Once you’ve designed your professional resume, do include all those file conversations needed in your job search. In addition to the MS Word processed file, others like ASCII.txt file for “cutting & pasting” into e mail messages & posting on job boards, an Adobe.pdf file for sending an attached files & an HTML file for putting your resume on a web page should be included.

Wondering how to create Professional Resume? See some free sample resumes for various jobs.

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