Cover Letter Examples from the Internet – A good idea?

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In the preparation for a job application the applicant will always want to make the right impression. Part of that ideal first impression is an amazing cover letter. Most of us don’t write cover letters on a daily basis so when the need arises to write one most of us will consult the internet for cover letter examples. Using example cover letters is not a bad idea as long as you take care while rewriting them to your particular purpose.

The first thing to take care of is that the cover letter example is suitable for the job or position being sought. Don’t make the mistake of using a cover letter designed for say, an academic position in a school when applying for a job in an electronics factory! Read the letter carefully and ensure the tone and content is suitable for use in your application.

The next thing to heed is that the example cover letter is in fact not too broad for your purpose. Many large job sites or online recruitment agencies provide examples which are designed to be as unspecific as possible. These cover letters are designed to cover as many job areas as possible.

While these might be useful for covering over your lack of experience for work experience positions or positions for which you are new, amazing cover letters that stand out to potential employers are the ones which show a little bit of targeting to the position on offer.

The most overlooked reason to take care of using example letters is the fact that if it is freely available online then you will not be the only person who could use it. Imagine the reaction of a potential employer on reading the exact same cover letter example for the hundredth time. This will obviously not give this potential employer the best impression of you or the other candidates. Of course the advantage to everyone else using the same cover letter template is that with a little care and effort you can stand out from the crowd with an original and amazing cover letter.

If you do need a cover letter template for ideas and to make a good start on writing your own then we do recommend clicking on the link to the right and going to the official website where links for many different and varied cover letters are presented for your research. Of course, while you are there you should check out the amazing cover letter creator on offer. It comes with many nice little bonuses as well as gold nuggets of advice on writing the perfect cover letter which will land you that job.

In conclusion, using example cover letters is a good idea – as long as you are using them for research. Read them carefully and when you find one with what you know is the appropriate tone and content use it as a template to begin writing your own original cover letter. Using this in conjunction with the letter creator mentioned above, or with one of your own original cover letters you are sure to impress and land that all important interview!

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