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When you are deciding what to write on your job posting you can find yourself drawing a blank. How do you make it punchy? How do your condense all the information down? How can you make your job posting stand apart from all the others? When you are posting a job vacancy you should consider optimising it for job seekers. In the same way that seo specialists consider ways to attract visitors to a website, employers should consider how to attract candidates to their posting. With so many thousands of job postings appearing every day on job boards and classified ad sites you need to really know what you are doing if you want the right candidates applying for your role.

There have been many scenarios where employers have advertised their vacancy only to receive absolutely no applications. This is more common than you might think. If this has happened to you then you have come to the right place because this article tells you how to avoid this from happening again.

In the job posting you need to include the relevant job details including location, salary, experience, skills and qualifications needed, what the working environment is like and what the hours are. You should also include a little information about the company – but only good things! If you want to attract suitable candidates you need to talk up the job and talk up the company too. This will undoubtedly help you to attract talent. One of the most common ways people write bad postings is by being too vague. Without specific information job seekers are much less likely to apply. That additional step of contacting the employer or recruiter for further information before applying makes the process too long for some job seekers, especially when there are so many other jobs to apply for on the same site. They may well just skip on over the posting without correct, relevant and specific job information.

Considering keywords are very important when writing job postings. Just like in the search engines people search on job boards for specific words and phrases. To help your posting stand out you may want to consider alternative keywords to the most obvious. If you want your job to sit at the top then you need to think of keywords that aren’t being used by hundreds or thousands of other recruiters but still have a large number of searches. Bear in mind that job seekers set up alerts for jobs with particular keywords too. Another great way of getting your posting to the top of the pile is to pay for it. If you select the right job boards then they will likely have a paid service that ensures you can guarantee a good placement. This is definitely worth considering, especially if you are recruiting for a one off job and aren’t advertising jobs every week when the cost can start to add up. If you are a professional recruiter then it is better to aim for organic searches and traffic to keep costs to a minimum.

When you write the posting you need to keep your readers in mind. They are skimming over job postings and often only give a few seconds to each one. You need to ensure yours grabs their attention. By including a great benefit or reason to work for your company at the beginning of the advert, you will have the greatest chance of getting their attention. The posting should be short, concise and straight to the point. Anything waffly may be ignored too.

To ensure the right people see your employer job posting, follow the above advice to the letter. Free job postings and free job advertising boards are excellent places to post your jobs and should be your first port of call when looking to fill a vacancy.

Kathryn Dawson writes articles for Find My CV, a leading employer job posting site offering a powerful portal to allow recruiters and employers to post job vacancies easily and quickly. Get real time feeds of free job postings that can be integrated into sites and applications, enabling you to see the latest jobs relevant to you with ease. There is also a free job advertising option with Pay Per Application, so you only pay when results are delivered.

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