Is it more effective to mail a resume to a job posting instead of applying online?

I have applied to abput 100 jobs through careerbuider, monster, etc and have had no bites. Would it be better to send a hard copy resume and cover letter directly to the employer, instead of electronically? I think I am getting lost in the database!

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10 Responses to “Is it more effective to mail a resume to a job posting instead of applying online?”

  1. siulnamor says:

    Online is faster!

  2. lida says:

    try doing both. that’ll make an impression and will get them to remember who you are when they read through it for the second time

  3. Special K says:

    I would do both.

  4. BHANU V. RAVAL says:


  5. whoanelly00 says:

    Same problem, i would assume it would be much more effective. It shows you are willing to get up away from your desk once in awhile, and take a few extra steps!

  6. Christina says:

    Do it however they request it. It can take a looong time to get calls. I’ve been doing the same thing.

  7. mamabear says:

    Some companies insist upon an electronic application and resume. Others insist you apply in person. Still others want you to apply online or on paper at the jobsite itself. Some want you to phone or fax. Sooo, it really depends upon the position, the company, and its policies.

    Don’t you get listings of jobs from Monster and CareerBuilders? My daugher gets them a few times a week – and though now employed, still looks them over.

  8. DON says:

    That happens all the time, the companies don’t have the resources to go thru all the applications and resumes. Just imaging the amount of people applying. I honestly think that is better to contact the HR department for the company you want to apply for, maybe get a name within that department so you can address it to them. If you have the time to go thru those sites you have the time to get the contact info. I don’t recollect getting any calls back from any of my application using monster.com or careerbuilder. Good luck and don’t get discourage.

  9. foxrab64 says:

    Online is definitely the way to go. HR is swamped, your resume is likely to be reviewed much later than the convenient ones submitted online

  10. pknutson_sws says:

    I am a former HR manager/recruiter and headhunter. I can tell you firsthand that your success rate on only using the online services is very low… Employers are really bad about managing their listings. A lot of times the jobs were filled but not removed from the site. Also, I used to get so many irrelevant resumes for my job postings that I stopped looking at them.

    I found that Monster would sometimes have enough info (like phone number or address) on their listings that you can contact the employer directly.

    Definitely send a hard copy of your resume WITH a cover letter! – and not from the templates they give you. Employers like to see that you can write your own resume!