Careers Planning : How to Choose a Career for Your Personality

In order to choose a career that fits with a specific personality, an individual must have an understanding of herself, and this can be achieved by utilizing several tools, such as self-assessment exams. Discover why extroverts should look for jobs in a social setting with help from a career counseling specialist in this free video on choosing a career. Expert: Robbie Hurtado Bio: Robbie Hurtado is a career counseling specialist at the Richmond Works One-Stop Career Center. Filmmaker: Sam Lee
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17 Responses to “Careers Planning : How to Choose a Career for Your Personality”

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  3. chibixaileen says:

    Truck driver..are you serious? What does this lady do for a damn living to think thats something anyone , disregarding personality, would do for a living.

  4. Jbomb8 says:

    @SirBigBooks What if I just want to travel for the rest of my life? Its sorta unrealistic, If i had everything in the world i would just experience the world for what it is, travel learn as much as i can from martial arts to countries cultures, What do i choose for my Career Choice NOW!! :(

  5. Hondaboy27160478 says:

    In my opinion the best career for you is something that you would do because you genuinely love it, and would do it even if you weren’t being paid.

    Imagine you’d won the lottery, bought your ideal house, car & travelled the world. What business would you buy for yourself to run? That’s your perfect career.

    The most interesting people I know had no clue what they wanted to be at 20, or even at 30. 

  6. SirBigBooks says:

    The best way to pick something you want to do is to think about what you would do once you had everything you could ever possibly want. The answer, whatever it may be, is what you should study. Google Grass Apple Kids, they bring relevant industry analysis, and informational interviews to you.

  7. otamanlvhs says:

    revelation! Toilet cleaning is my passion dream career

  8. dandypajamas says:

    TL;DR: To find out your perfect career, all you need to do is know 100% who you are! SUCH AN EASY TASK!!!!


  9. mcbublick says:

    i grew up to be a money making fairy.

  10. CloudX100 says:

    lol truck driving…

  11. 5959512 says:


  12. atownvet88 says:

    I wanted to be a cop too. Am in the same boat as you.

  13. deedundone says:

    yeah welcome to my world senior year and i just dont know.

  14. sbg75 says:

    same situation as you lol im thinking to be a cop or nurse but dont know anymore

  15. searchandbrowsmillio says:

    shez hot

  16. m6m17 says:

    i wanted to be cop, but am changing my mind, i dont knw wht i want. !!!!!!!!! am running out of time

  17. rata254 says:

    first comment…
    video was quite useful.