Resume Writing – Things to Avoid

Resume writing can be a tough job especially if you are new to this field. Here are some tips on what to avoid and what to include in your resume to help you get noticed.

Your resume gives your potential employer the very first impression of you and it is very important that you make this as good as it can be. However, there are certain common mistakes that people can make while writing their resume and if you can avoid these, you can be sure that your resume will make the perfect impression!

The first blunder that people make while resume writing is that they include every last detail of the past experience that they have gained. However, you should focus on the details that will be needed for this particular job, as that is what the employer is looking for!

It should be mentioned here that the chronological format is often preferred, as employers are most used to this format of resume. Also, start the sentences of your resume with action words to have the maximum impact instead of using ‘I’.

While resume writing, it is important not to force all your data onto one single page, as this can make your resume look untidy. Proper spacing is very important to make an impact. Your resume should include all your qualifications and relevant work experience and may therefore exceed one page, but at the same time you should leave out any irrelevant information. You should also be very careful if you decide to use free templates that are available, as your resume can become very stereotyped and boring. Every second person might be using the same template as you!

Another thing that you should remember while resume writing is to always be honest, putting in the correct information and never telling a lie. You should assume that if you lie on your resume you will be caught out, as many employers use the resume to ask you questions at an interview.

When formatting your resume a proper combination of bullets and paragraph statements add balance, and serve to highlight the relevant areas that are most important. Use strong action words to give a boost to your resume but don’t go overboard as this can make your resume look hyped.

Finally, you should use a standard formal and legible font, such as Times New Roman or Arial and avoid the funky ones, like comic sans, as the accepted business fonts help to make your resume look very professional and are consistent with documents that your employer sees on a day to day basis.

Avoiding these common resume writing mistakes will make sure your resume is not discounted on a technicality!

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