Sample Cover Letters For Internship: Are They Enough To Give You A Real Job?

Never underestimate the power of an internship. This is more than just training ground for a lot of people. Internships can also lead to real jobs and real careers, with the kind of rewards many people only dream of. With that kind of possibility for a rewarding future, why should you place yourself on the line and miss out on an excellent opportunity simply because you were too lazy to look beyond a sample cover letter for an internship?

Internships are not real jobs, but…
When you apply for an internship, you’re not really applying for a real job. However, you are taking your first step towards making a career for yourself. With that in mind, you’ll need a cover letter that will show your potential employer what kind of talent and skills you will be carrying with you.

Applying for an internship is slightly different from applying for a regular job in that the level of work experience you might have is not the same. That means you will have to produce the kind of cover letter that will speak for you in ways that other regular job application cover letters can’t. Your internship cover letter must make a stronger position for you to make you attractive enough to merit an interview and later, receive an internship offer.

When you only have school to back you up
Don’t despair if you lack experience when applying for an internship. The whole point of trying to become an intern is to gain experience and learn more. Many companies do not expect you to have been employed prior to your application, so there’s very little cause for worry.

What you should focus on is to create an internship cover letter and resume that speaks for your strong interest and enthusiasm for the field of study or subject you are applying for. Remember that this is probably the very first document you will be sending out that will have the semblance of a professional effort, so it makes sense to ensure that your internship cover letter is well-written. That is to cover for the fact that your resume may not have a lot to say. Not yet, anyway.

Your internship cover letter must stand out
We are not talking about blinking lights or even scented paper here. We’re talking about writing an internship cover letter that will highlight your school background, extracurricular activities and interests to create an employable picture of you.

If you can express genuine interest in an internship program and be able to convey that through your cover letter, you can effectively bring your employer’s attention from your less substantial resume and focus it on the potential you are bringing with you. Companies are much more likely to hire interns that show remarkable interest in their programs than interns who are just going through the motions of applying for the sake of earning credits. There is a huge possibility that interns who show more interest are more likely to perform and contribute than interns who are too distracted to be aware of the program’s relevance.

Be yourself
Write a professional cover letter to apply for your internship. That means producing a cover letter that is well-written and composed but not too formal enough that it loses your personality. Let your internship cover letter shine with your personality. You are much more likely to attract your potential employer’s attention that way.

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