Hi people! I am applying to a new job and need ideas to make a good cover letter and first email, please see?

AS I mentioned before, I am applying for a new job and new to make a good cover letter. Honestly, I don’t know what information or details I should include in it. I also have to say something in the first email. Please give me some advices or tips to do well and can get the job.

Thanks a lot!!

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4 Responses to “Hi people! I am applying to a new job and need ideas to make a good cover letter and first email, please see?”

  1. Gerald says:

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  2. Jen says:

    I like checking out .edu sites or job hunting sites for the latest information when I’m creating a new cover letter. I added a couple of sources with good information for you. I would keep the email simple. Tell them the job that you are applying for, where you saw the job posted, and thank them for considering you for the position. I would also be sure to have my contact information in the email. Good luck

  3. mark m says:

    There are some general rules you should follow when you write application letter:
    Research and investigation. Try to read between the lines and get a feeling about the person who wrote the ad and the company’s way of thinking, what type of person are they looking for.
    Language and style: Avoid hackneyed phrases and cliches, your language should be alive and vivid and should attract the reader attention.
    Presentation: Use italics and, always project keen interest in the progress of your application.
    bold for the facts and achievements, don’t fold it or staple the pages together.
    Follow up: Make a note and keep photocopies of all correspondence, after a week or so telephone the employer just to confirm that they have received your application, don’t leave anything to chance.
    The methods: E-mail, Fax, but I would suggest you deliver your application in person or consider using courier service, I would go for this way as the e-mail can get lost or ignored, as for the fax they might have a bad printer the other end and all they will get is a very bad copy from your nice letter that it took you a long time to prepare.

  4. Jennifer says:

    The biggest thing you need to remember is that you are trying to convince the employer why they need to hire you.

    What Should Your Cover Letter Include?

    1. Which job you want and how you heard about it.
    2. The skills and experience most important to this employer.
    3. How your skills benefited your employers in the past.
    4. A confident, cordial ending.
    5. A follow-up statement.

    The link I provided gives details for all of the information you need to include…good luck!