please help me..i need a sample resume now..i could’t find in the web..please help me?

im applying for a job abroad…please…

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Guidelines For Writing Advertising Resume Objectives

Advertising is a way of promoting some product or service. It is an attempt to persuade potential customers to procure or to devour more of a particular brand of merchandise or service. It is a service industry which is aimed towards the announcement of information, knowledge and ideas to and on behalf of others. The fundamental reason of advertising is to rationalize sales and erect a brand name.

Advertising sector is rising very swiftly day by day. A profession in this segment is pretty exciting and at the same…


where i will get free sample resumes.? SUITABLE JOBS?

I am 43 old, MA , PG Diploma in advertising, working in advt company as audio visual executive, 20 years experience in the same field. knowledge in production, making ad films ,corp av, jingles, spots .event management in rural areas. rural promotion activities, contacting the rural shows, experience in mobile van activities. tamil and english read and write well, speak telugu,
handing clients are MRF form tyres, ACC cements (full south)
Shriram inverstments (south), Shriram Chits – Karnataka, T.Stanes -Coimbatore. Everest Cement sheets, Consul Ups systems, Sonata watchs,…


Resume Cover Sheet

Creating a resume cover sheet is a very important part of applying for a job, either online or off line. There are many resume writing services that will help you build an impressive resume for job interviews.

Many sites will show you tips and advice on choosing a resume style that works best for you. My favorite site is examples cover sheet.

You can also find samples of cover sheet for resume.

Whether your looking to create a sample cashier resume, resume…


easy sample resume?

all the sites I go on have these professional resumes for people that want jobs as computer programmers, I just want a simple one where I can replace the names some of the experiences, and address. Thanks in Advance

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4 great books on resume writing

Resume writing is a difficult task. While you can research information online, or seek assistance from a professional resume services, it is always helpful to have resources on hand that can assist in writing a new or rewriting your existing resume and/or cover letter. The following four books can provide you with a wealth of information on resume writing:

The first book you should consider is called The Elements of Resume Style. It was written by S. Bennett.
This book, as its cover states, will provide you with…


My Virtual Job Finder More Than Just A Video Resume

My Virtual Job Finder More Than Just A Video Resume Originally MyVirtualJobFinder.com was set up as a secure system for job hunters to store their written resumes along with their video resumes as well as for Self employed and employers to post job openings. This system was set up to save gas and time. Instead of driving to the company filling out an application, faxing, or mailing a resume, and then going back for an interview; only if your paperwork stood above the pile of already submitted resumes. As…


Sample Resume, NO EXPERIENCE!!!!?

I have no experience just finish high school, any website that might be helpful to print out a format for restaurant job, thanks?

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How to write a great Resume for the Canadian Job Market

Most Canadian job seekers do not have the energy or the patience to sit and write their resume, the most important job document in their job search. When writing their resume, most people usually focus on the information that is important to them; rather that writing about what is important to the potential employer. Job seekers spend a lot of time describing their job responsibilities when writing their resumes, sometimes using jargon and terminology specific to their industries. Unfortunately this approach serves to weaken their ability to convey how…


Sample Resume Objectives

When writing a resume many people leave off the objective.  Depending on your career level and title, this can be an okay move.  For the most part I suggest all entry level and mid career professionals include an objective on their resumes.  The purpose of the objective is to state your purpose.  You want to identify your desired title and tailor the resume by including the company’s name and if possible the department in which you want to work.  If you choose to, you can also describe your ideal…


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