Where can I find a basic resume sample?

Where can I find sample resumes for young people like myself that don’t have a specific career goal? The sample resumes I’ve found are mostly professional. I’m just trying to make up a nice resume that will help my chances of getting hired but I’m not aiming for any job in particular. Any suggestions?

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3 Responses to “Where can I find a basic resume sample?”

  1. Caleb says:

    It’s important to have a good resume, it is worth taking the time to compose something that looks brilliant and does the job properly. The website in the box below has loads of data on resumes and help with alternative vocations.

  2. Sharon says:

    try this site (i’ve used it): http://topfinusa1.notlong.com/4AA7aDv

  3. Jaime says:

    The key thing with resumes in this type of labor market is that you have to have some kind of focus. Employers are not looking to hire people who are unfocused. Many of the resumes you will find online are out of date. You need to have accomplishments on your resume. Employers want to know how you may have improved things in the past, or what makes you special.

    One of the only websites that has half decent samples is Job Bank USA. http://www.jobbankusa.com. Try to focus your resume a bit…even if it is say for customer service. I am not finding many employers these days are happy with resumes that are all over the place. They want you to be focused on something…otherwise they will think you will leave them for something else. Many employers get hundreds of resumes for each position they have open-they may have 50 that have a clear focus, and 150 that are not focused. They have to weed candidates out somehow…so they will pick the people who are focused.

    There are lots of free employment services out there that can assit with resume writing. Look them up, they can be a great help.

    Good luck!