I got rejected for an interview, how do I find out why?

I sent in my resume and sample portfolios.
One email said “we have your resume”.
The next email said “sorry, but we’re moving to the next candidate”. I dont want to curse God, but I hate my life right now. I really need a good job, this job was so perfect for me! And I didn’t even get an interview. how do I find out why!!!!!???? Can I email her or call her back to know why?? Help me please.

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Find a Home Based Employment Jobs – Work Form Home and Enjoy Your Job


There are many jobs that you can find that will let you work form home and this is becoming a popular trend. There are a lot of benefits that you can have by working at home and many people are finding that it is a better option for there family. You will be able to have more money because your cost of going to work and home form work will go down. There are lots of people that have very long commutes even some up to 1…


How to Find the Right Job Board

Finding the right job board is not only of value to the person presenting their resume, but to the person that is looking for candidates for future employment.  For both people seeking employment and employers seeking people, a job board has become a crucial part of the process. 

Steps for landing employment by finding the right job board:

Start with your profession. For writer, this means registering and submitting your portfolio and resume to journalism job boads and freelance writing job boards. Both companies and individuals…


How to find recession proof jobs

www.howdini.com Even during an economic downturn, some careers are safe. Career consultant Maggie Mistal explains which industries are recession proof, no matter what the overall job market is doing. How to find recession proof jobs What is a recession-proof job? * Jobs that cant be outsourced * Jobs for which there is a great demand What are some top recession-proof industries? Health Care * Baby Boomers are aging and they will require increased health services. * In addition to health care and care…


I’m trying to find a job as a bookkeeper.?

I found a ad that sounds pretty good, but those people want me to send a writing sample along with my resume. What kind of writing sample could they possibly want from me? I’m a bookkeeper, not a writer.
Any ideas?

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Employment Job Listing – Best Place to Find Is Internet

Due to the constant and consistent growth of the internet, finding employment job listings has become very easy now. Finding a job vacancy of your own choice has been made very easy for the job seekers through the internet. The best thing about it is that with just a simple mouse click, you get a vast employment job listing right at your fingertips.
There was a time when you had to search the classified segment of the newspaper, which was not only tiring due to the small prints, but also…


Find a Job in USA?

hiring24x7.com – Find a Job in USA? – USE http Tags :Now Hiring, Jobs in USA – Search 24×7, Hiring, jobs, job, job search, employment, career, careers, career change, work, job listing, job listings, job bank, employment opportunity, job description, job descriptions, job opportunity, job…
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where do i find the best formats for business resumes?

i just obtained my bachelors in business administration and wanted to apply for jobs. i looked online at some sample resumes, but could not really find great formats for business that i could just fill information into. does anyone know a really great free site for that?

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I would like to know where I can find free templates for resumes and cover letters?

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Where to find work at home jobs

Throughout, the idea of work at home jobs is spreading like fire in a desert, most people with interest in these jobs still wonder where the job opportunities for home dwellers are found. It is simple. The easiest way of accessing these jobs is ‘Google searching’ using the term work at home jobs and the results will be amazing. You will be amazed at the countless job opportunities that will be brought on table for your exploitation. The results that you are likely to encounter do not give the…


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