I got rejected for an interview, how do I find out why?

I sent in my resume and sample portfolios.
One email said “we have your resume”.
The next email said “sorry, but we’re moving to the next candidate”. I dont want to curse God, but I hate my life right now. I really need a good job, this job was so perfect for me! And I didn’t even get an interview. how do I find out why!!!!!???? Can I email her or call her back to know why?? Help me please.

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10 Responses to “I got rejected for an interview, how do I find out why?”

  1. AtiaoftheJulii says:

    Email her and simply ask why your resume was decline. However brace yourself for the answer…

  2. Monet says:

    maybe a scam, try the newspaper

  3. Grampa says:

    This usually happens because the candidate is either under qualified or their resume’ screams, “I am a dumbass!”. Which applies in your case, I do not know. However, that is the truth. I’ve went through a lot of of applicants while hiring and I’ve seen some that could hardly spell their name. In addition, if your work history is poor the result will be the same.

  4. judirose2001 says:

    Just take it as it is not the job for you right now. You may have the qualifications, but there is a better job out there waiting for you. Keep going to interviews and your ideal job will be there. Think positively!!

  5. Brian G says:

    Definitely email and ask. You may get no answer, since most companies get hundreds or even thousands of resumes for a job opening. They just don’t have the time to interview everyone or respond to everyone asking why they didn’t get an interview. The response sounds pretty standard form letter. Keep it polite and positive. Tell her you would like to know so you can fix (if possible) whatever it was that kept you out this time.

  6. MiracleJoy says:

    If you wanna know why, just ask the question, and make sure you ask the right question~

  7. Miss V says:

    Your attitude leaps through the page. Someone else was better suited. It’s also possible that someone on staff recognized you from somewhere and indicated that hiring you would not be wise.

    So how are you going to prepare yourself for next time? Keep cursing or look for positive alternatives?

    Shame on you! Don’t you dare curse God!

  8. Jerry says:

    Contact her via telephone and demand to know why she turned down a valuable candidate. Tell her she missed out on a great employee and that she is incompetent. Then phone her boss and complain about their hiring process.

  9. websterjdjr says:

    stay at it
    if you want that job bad enough
    go and do it for nothing!
    Thats what I did. I worked at a place for a month and one day the bookkeeper ask me are you working here? I said yes. and she said well you better sign these tax papers. that was my hiring.
    staying right there on the job till i got noticed. It works.

  10. Denim says:

    you can actually email that person and ask what criteria you do not match in the position. Ask them how you can perform better next time and thanks for them considering you for the position. I think if you ask in a polite and non-confronting manner, they will tell you some hints.
    It is very competitive to get a nice job these days, so work hard, send some more CVs and try to improve the way you present yourself in CV and interviews.
    Don’t be upset. They choose the right candidate for THAT person. So being rejected is not to reject you as a person.

    I was rejected for million times too…WORK HARD