Where can I find a good resume template?

I’m 18 and I’m going on a job interview tomorrow and need to make a resume. I’ve only had 2 jobs in the past, but I also want to list my computer skills and education. I’m not sure how to make a resume, so does anyone know where I can find a nice template so that I can just fill it in with my own information?

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Where can I find a resume template for a recent high school graduate?

I need to write a resume for a job for the city. I am in my last month of high school and need to give the resume tomorrow! I know Microsoft Word has templates but I don’t have it installed on my computer. I need a simple resume. If you are nice enough to e-mail me a simple template, please do so…Just save the template as if it was an essay and e-mail it to me, thanks.

e-mail: ronnizle@yahoo.com

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Why You Need to Find a Good Resume Cover Letter Template

If you are on the hunt for the perfect job, you may think that attaching a cover letter to your resume might not be such a big deal. After all, you have all your information outlined in your resume, why bother with such an inconvenient formality as a resume cover letter? What you don’t realize is that your prospective employer may get hundreds of applications in a day, and the hiring manager has to sort out through all these resumes to find the right person fit for the job.…


Where can I find a good template or tips for a resume cover letter?

Had a handbook from my undergrad studies, but I lent it to my mom who’s 3 hours away. I’m applying for some summer internships and need help with the cover letter. Thanks :)

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Job Search Tips : How to Find Entry-Level Jobs

Entry-level jobs can be difficult to find, but it helps to pay attention to one’s surroundings to spot help wanted ads. Look for entry-level jobs in places that typically hire part-time employees with help from a career and job placement specialist in this free video on entry-level jobs. Expert: Matthew Thomas Bio: Matthew Thomas is a career and job placement specialist in the career services department at Cape Fear Community College in Wilmington, NC Filmmaker: Rendered Communications…
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The Importance of Harnessing the Power of the Web to Find a Good Job

If you haven’t been using the Internet to help you in finding employment, then you are missing out. There are many reasons to take advantage of this powerful tool, the most important thing is that employers use the Internet more than ever to find candidates. While recent studies of Internet use are accurate, nearly 48% of companies do at least part of their online recruitment. Not use the Internet in your job search means you are under the radar flight for many potential job opportunities.

The Internet is…


Where can I find sample cover letter and resume for engineering graduate?

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Resume Writing Help – Where To Find Assistance!

When it comes to creating a resume many of us find it to be quite a tiresome process not knowing where to start and how to word it. At the best of time there seems to be no help in sight even for the most highly qualified individual. However, there is hope in sight for even the most unqualified people out there. Resume writers offer their services and can create the best resume out of thin air.

Now that does not mean that they fudge the details in…


How can I find a sample resume for applying for an oil rig job?

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