The Importance of “Keywords” in a Job Search

Job search today revolves mostly around the mysterious use of keywords. Whether you are a candidate looking for a job or a company looking for candidates to fill in a job vacancy, the importance of keywords can not be ignored.

Let’s take the first scenario. You are a job seeker in search of your ideal job. Chances are that you are using the internet to do so. Statistics reveal that nearly 90% of job seekers search for jobs online. Now, there are 2 basic ways of going about this…


How to Self Promote Thru Well Written and Formatted Resume

Resume outline

The resume outline is meant to help one go through all the stages of resume writing without forgetting to include anything. What chances are there to land a job with a poor resume? Do not underestimate the power of the first impression, and the resume works as a self-marketing strategy. Hence, we can call it a winning resume, when the self-advertisement convinces an employer that you would be a valuable asset for his/her company.

Create key details and highlighted words

Although a resume looks good, there is…


Number One Job Search Tip: Distribute Resume

There are people who are looking for a job for a long time but still they fail to get proper offers. There are various reasons for this. People usually tend to make certain mistakes which creates problem for them to get a good job.

You must always remember that there is a stiff competition in the job market and you must do something which will provide you an edge over the others. You might wonder what you can do to make sure you land up in a good job.…


Resume Writing Tips for a Recession

Here’s a monumental understatement – these are difficult times and finding employment is a near Herculean task.  Still, when you’ve been unemployed for some time, the difficultness of the task is really irrelevant.  You just have to get it done.

But getting it done doesn’t mean continuing to beat your head against the wall if the wall isn’t moving.  At some point, you have to step back and reevaluate everything if you’re not making any progress.  And that includes relooking at your resume.

Resume writing during a recession is…


Creating Online Job Resumes

A good job resume is essential for any job hunting endeavor. It is not sometimes just what the resume contains but also on how the job applicant is able to present himself effectively to catch the attention of an employer or a hiring manager. And in today’s type of job market, getting online seems to be a more convenient path for job hunters. It is now also important for them to learn how to create effective online job resumes.

Online job resumes are simply an online and digitized version…


Uncover Professional Resume Writing Services Online

Creating a resume that stands out and exact can be tough so we turn to professional resume writing services to create that ideal CV to with any luck get that all crucial interview.

A resume, also recognized as a CV provides an overview of a persons qualifications and experience and is normally the primarily thing an employer would see in regards to the person seeking employment and providing a resume is in some way a way of screening potential employees.

Now seen as this resume appears to be the…


How to Post a Resume for Jobs

For you to fulfill the essential criteria, rather your first step for that job you want to have, your resume means a lot. If you are already aware of what job you want to fit in, then you should for sure know the different effective and efficient techniques of posting your resume. This does not require a lot of toil, but a couple if instructions would do fine for you.

You ultimately want to fructify the need of getting an interview call ASAP and for that resume posting is…


The 5 Simple Rules of Finding and Securing A Great Job Fast

The days of picking up a newspaper and simply circling help wanted or job ads are over.  Because millions of people surf the net every hour of everyday, employers now depend on popular job boards online to advertise their current job listings.

As a job seeker, this allows you to browse through hundeds of thousands of jobs available online, and apply to as many of them as you like.  While that may sound like a great opportunity for you to place your resume in the hands of the several…


Resume Writing – Things to Avoid

Resume writing can be a tough job especially if you are new to this field. Here are some tips on what to avoid and what to include in your resume to help you get noticed.

Your resume gives your potential employer the very first impression of you and it is very important that you make this as good as it can be. However, there are certain common mistakes that people can make while writing their resume and if you can avoid these, you can be sure that your resume…


What Is The Buzz About Keywords, Your Resume And Applicant Tracking Systems?

What is the buzz about keywords, your resume and Applicant Tracking Systems?

Nowadays at most companies, applicant tracking system (ATS) software uses keywords to filter resumes before a human ever reviews them. Search results are sorted in a list from 100% match to 0% and if your resume is ranked as a 100% match, then you have 10 seconds to make the impression that you are the right candidate for the job. How do you get in the top 100%? What is the secret behind the term “keywords”?



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