Resume Writing Tips For Contacting an Employer Before You Send Your Resume and Cover Letter

by Timothy A. Anderson –

It is strongly advisable to get in contact with a prospective employer in advance of finalizing your resume writing and cover letter. This is a KEY factor in how to make a resume that gets you the interview.

When doing so here are a few crucial resume writing tips that will bring your application above and beyond the vast majority of applicants.

* Tip #1: Find out who the manager responsible for the position will be. Be sure to speak with them directly, not just…


Writing a Professional Resume

by Raj Shekharz –

The word “Employment” means a lot for the job seekers. Getting a good job in the stage of recession is not an easy task. To stand out in the crowd of hundreds of applicants, you need to create a resume which is professionally designed accompanied with a good cover letter to grab the interview opportunity.

Here, I am giving certain tips of how to design a professional resume & what else can help you in designing it.

1. In professional resume layout, the first & foremost…


Resume Writing Advice For Any Profession Or Position

by Tamara Washington –

Writing your own resume can be frustrating and difficult – even for highly accomplished professionals with great communication skills. While your resume needs be able to reach HR generalists as well as industry specialists, it also needs to be targeted in line with your unique job search. Whatever your profession or position, here’s some resume writing advice:

1.) Use a font that’s easy on the eyes – don’t try to cram in as much information as possible by using small type. Employers are inundated with resumes…


Resume Format and Writing

by Asif Shabbir

How to make a Resume

There are several people who are having problems when it comes to making their own resume because some people who are unaware about the important facts they need to write on their resume. It is necessary for the people to be aware how to format their own resume because this will help them when applying for a job. When employers are reading the resume of their applicants, they want it to be concise and well formatted so it can easily be read…


Five Tips to Write an Amazing Accounting Resume to Get the Job You Want

By Jill Richardson

If you are on the hunt for a job in the accounting profession then having a well written and professional resume will be a necessary component of a successful job search. The resume is a first chance at a sales pitch of yourself and your skills to a potential employer and must make an impression or risk being thrown in the trash or dismissed at the first screening.

The five tips below will be helpful when writing a resume and will go a long way to making…


Chronological Vs Functional Resume Format – Which One?

By David Alan Carter

If you’re faced with writing a resume, choosing a chronological or functional resume format is one of the first decisions you’ll have to make. Picking yourself out of one of the following real-life scenarios can help answer the question. First, some quick definitions.

The Chronological Resume Format

The calling card of the chronological format is a detailed work history that is organized by chronology (historical timeline). In most cases, your current or most recent employer is listed first and the timeline flows in reverse chronological order…


Professional Resume Writing Tips

by Wren Martin

Resume is a documented form of representing one’s objectives, academics, qualifications, work experience, achievements and contribution towards the success of the organization. A properly formatted and well written resume can get you the best of the jobs as per your qualification and the job roll you are seeking for.

Writing a good resume needs some potency and the tips below could help you make a perfect resume that could fetch you the job that you desired for. The employer won’t spend too much time to read through…


Expert Advice on How to Write a Resume or CV

write a resume

Job hunting is highly competitive these days and in order to catch the attention of the employer you need to make sure you prepare an exceptional resume. Submitting a clear, concise, organized and well written resume is likely to get you through the sifting process and onto the list of candidates to be interviewed.

A resume is an account of who you are on paper. It should provide the employer with information about you and help him or her decide whether or not…


Resume Objective Samples – An Aid To Producing Successful Resumes

A well-written resume objective lets your probable employer know what you have to offer to the company, and in addition what you are seeking for in your job. In recent years resume objectives became questionable, as organisations started to look at only a single part of the objective. i.e. what the possible worker has to offer.

They completely forgot about what the job hopefuls wanted. There are folks who consider resume objective samples should not be used. Other people on the other hand say that more purposeful objective statements can…


Electronic Resume Writing Tips

By James B Crocker

In this modern age of online job boards, job postings, online company career sites, and email, it is common to submit at least half of your outgoing resumes electronically. Here are some of the rules you should follow when creating your electronic resumes:

1. Be aware of formatting issues

Most electronic resumes are uploaded in plain text. This means that all of the fancy formatting techniques that you used like bold, italics, underlining, and bullet points, will no longer appear formatted. It is a good idea…


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